The South is so Unique and Fun!


The south is a great place to live and/or travel. The south is known for its southern hospitality, and fun activities. The food and the music isn’t the only thing that makes the south special. The south is significant for other things as well. The south has so many fun things to do such as beaches, parades, and festivals. For example, there are many beaches and tourist attractions the south provides. The south provides different types of weather, physical characteristics, and other varieties. For instance, you can visit Florida where it is very tropical, and then Tennessee where there are plenty of trees and snow in the winter. In the south you just don’t receive one type of climate, you receive multiple. But I must say Florida has the best weather that the south has to offer. I love going to Florida and visiting the beach. My favorite part of Florida is Miami because I travel there frequently. Florida is very tropical and has some of the best shopping plazas as well. Everything is a little expensive, but it is well worth it. Another city in Florida I like to visit is Tampa. I like Tampa because my godfather lives there and we always visit different unique restaurants. Even though it rains a lot, Tampa is still a great place to travel. New Orleans is also a city that I travel to at least every other year. This city has the Essence Festival which displays all sorts of fun things. They also have Bourbon St., great hotels, and nice restaurants. New Orleans has great bars with great music. Some of the best live bands play down in New Orleans. I cannot wait until February so I can visit this city again. I can’t forget about Texas! Texas has some of the best tourist attractions. Texas is very big, so they have room for plenty of fun. The football games are the best, especially in Dallas. Everyone is so full of Cowboy spirit and they have some of the best game after parties. I really love the night life in Houston. You haven’t had fun until you party in Houston, Texas. Houston is one of my top five favorite cities to party in. I say that because everyone is so full of life, and love to have fun. Texas also has an outdoor mall that takes three days to view called San Marcos, in a little town called San Marcos. Of course, I love Atlanta, GA, who doesn’t. Atlanta is not as expensive as Florida, but you still can have the same amount of fun. No, Atlanta doesn’t have a beach; however, it has one of the best aquariums. It also has the Coca-Cola Factory and other attractions as well. I love to travel, and I’m quite sure you all do as well. There is no place like the south and I say that because the south has its own sort of flavor that it brings to the United States! The south is the best place ever!!

Southern Music!!!!


I love music, and that is all genres of course; but, I must say southern music is the absolute best. Music originated from southern culture, and many successful musicians were born and raised in the South. For example, Beyonce, UGK, Ciara, Lil Wayne, and Outkast are some of my favorites and they are all from Southern states. It is just something about the ring of southern music when you hear it. I love riding to Al Green because his music is so relaxing and soulful. Green’s music allows me to be able to travel in a car for multiple hours. Music is somewhat of who we are, and especially if you grew up in the south where music was played from the time you woke up until you went to bed. I remember being at family gatherings and just hanging with my friends, and music would always be the center of what was taken place. I love music because it helps me through certain situations, and it also helps lighten up anyone’s mood. My parents introduced me to music because my mother sings at everyone’s wedding, and my father plays multiple instruments, so I had no choice but to enjoy different types of music. I think everyone can agree that music is always the topic on television, in their homes, and even in schools. However, southern music particularly moves you in a way no other music does. For example, Elvis Presley’s music makes people go crazy and many of his songs were number on e hits in other countries. Many southern artists take their music back home and use their situations to create their music. For example, many of them describe their childhoods and how they made it to where they are now. I can relate to many of their music because I was raised in the South. The south comes together when it comes to their music as well. For instance, many southern rappers collaborate on songs, and they always represent the south. Southern music makes me dance, and it keeps me humble because I love the way it sounds. The sound of southern music ranges from blues to hip hop and it always creates a new sound as the years pass. Even in southern churches the music seems to be slightly different from other regions. People recognize southern church music when they hear it. It is just something about the way the music is put together, and it is amazing! Music in general is the way of life, but southern music tends to be in its on category when it is played. Artist around the world love to work with southern artist because they know they will experience a more magical sound. Music and technology has come a long way since the first sound of music, but in a way that it will always be around. Music is remarkable and memorable, and without music I think the world would be very boring! Therefore, whoever invented music, well southern music is a genius!!!

Delicious Southern Food!!!


The south is known for many great attractions, but the food has to be the overall best attraction thus far! Yes! Southern food tastes like no other type of food. For example, people travel from all over the world just to eat in the south. Many of my family members from Detroit and Florida is always asking me to bring them food when I come to visit. Barbecue is a well known southern food that everyone seems to crave. Especially Memphis, the barbecue is finger-licking good, and the meat falls right off the bones! I can’t forget about the most important food, and that’s SOUL FOOD. Soul food does something to my body, and I feel so good after I eat it. I get tired of eating fast food, but I can never get tired of eating “REAL” food. Vegetables are so delicious and in the south they are usually handpicked and extra fresh. My grandmother makes the best greens, candied yams, meatloaf, and cornbread. I had to say that because she takes pride in everything she cooks. Every piece of food she cooks is from scratch, and that is very significant for southern women. I also like “Pappadeaux” in Atlanta because they have a delicious fish and grits meal. Nothing represents the south like some fried catfish. Atlanta is also known for having “Gladys Knight and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles”, and the chicken there tastes amazing. I absolutely love ‘B.B. King’s” in Memphis because they serve a great Filet Mignon and mashed potatoes. But “The Grille” restaurant in Memphis has the best grilled food I’ve ever tasted. I like traveling to New Orleans because they serve a spicy gumbo that I must have when I visit. Seafood is significant in southern style foods because there is nothing like fish, shrimp, and lobster. The south is also known for frying everything. For example, in many southern family households, fried chicken is on the menu majority of the time. Eating southern style food makes anyone feel at home, so many people visit only to eat. Southern food brings families together, and it keeps families close. Many African American families use this type of food to connect to their roots and/or culture. I appreciate food in the south because in other regions the food does not taste as good. For instance, food in California is horrible, so the only food I enjoy is sushi, on the west coast. Up north I only enjoy the pizza and pasta. In Chicago, I tend to only eat breakfast food because they don’t have many soul food spots. Therefore, I can’t say it enough; there is no other type of food that can compare to food in the south. Banana pudding is another one of my favorites. I remember as a child in the summer, we would sit in the backyard and eat banana pudding while watching the clouds roll by. Southern food keeps memories alive, and makes people happy. The south has the most delicious food on earth, and I absolutely love it!

The Way I See Memphis!!!!!

Being born in Memphis was sort of a privilege as a child because I would hear all about this amazing historical stuff. For example, I would hear about Memphis being the place for music, and how Elvis lived here. Also, as a child I would travel to my grandmother’s house, and she lived so close to Elvis Presley’s home. That is pretty cool to know because everyone loves Elvis Presley! Back then I thought Wow! I wonder how many people would love to be so close to this man’s house. B.B. King is another Memphian that would come up, and this is exciting for the African American community because of how they were treated in the South. Being a child I just thought I lived in the bet place on earth. My mom told me a story on how the Jackson 5 performed on a building for them as children. She would also talk about how nice and pretty Memphis was, and how things were different when she was growing up. I would have loved to grow up in Memphis in those times as my mom because she shared many great memories of Memphis; and that is something I won’t be able to do with my son as much. I say that because as a child we had a few more activities in the city, but still not enough to “brag” about. However, the way I felt as a child changed as I got older and started traveling. I’ve been to so many different cities across the US and I must say “Memphis is not the place to live.” Of course it is cheaper, but the school system is horrible. I have a 6 year old son, and I want the best for him, including his education. I also want him to be able to enjoy his childhood, and there is not much in Memphis for children to enjoy. For instance, after going to the movies, the zoo, the park, and skating, what else is there to do? I will tell you… NOTHING!!! It is quite easy for someone who has never left the city of Memphis to say it’s a great place to live; but I totally have to disagree. I think it is more to life than Memphis, TN. Don’t mistake me when I say it’s not hell on wheels, but it is definitely not a place to have lots of fun. When I began to travel, I would visit these cool places such as beautiful beaches, viewing mountains, big, beautiful malls with stores women love, nice creative restaurants, and so much more. Many people down talk Atlanta, GA, even though some of the people remind me of Memphians, I have fun there. Atlanta has so much to offer.  Dallas has so much to offer as well, and I know because I lived there for a long time. In contrary, while on the subject of the way I see Memphis, the job market sucks. Many college graduates leave when they earn their degrees because of the Memphis unemployment rate. The proof of the job market is so obvious because whenever I look at the news they are discussing the issue. When I graduate from The University of Memphis, I am on the first train out of here! Many of us don’t like to face the truth, but hey, Memphis is not what’s happening! The majority of my family lives in Texas, and they remind me almost every day how boring it is in Memphis. When the holidays come around, I travel to Texas to be with my family because they will not come to Memphis. As I stated before, Memphis was a great place in the 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s, but now it is a real bore. I would much rather not stay here once I earn my degree this spring. To sum up my opinion, I may see Memphis in a different way for many Memphians, but it is THE WAY I SEE MEMPHIS!!!