Growing up in a urban community it was not uncommon to know teenage girls with children. My mother made it her duty to emphasis how much of a struggle it would be to have a child at such a young age. Although I did not take the proper steps to avoid pregnancy as a teen I was blessed enough to have my first child as a adult. Even now as an adult it is a struggle to raise a child while going to school and working to support my family. Now that I am a mother and a aunt to two teenage girl I stress the importance of not having children until they establish themselves. Although my son has been a motivation for me to complete school and strive for more in life I would recommend anyone to wait until they are financially stable before bringing anyone else into the world. Major problems that our society faces today include diseases, teen pregnancies, hatred, crime, and war. As a society we have a lot of work to do in order to fix these crucial issues. It seems as though unprotected sex has become a norm in the younger community causing the development of many diseases that often goes uncured simply because parents are not aware of their children being sexually active. The only way to address this issue is for the school systems and parents to become more involved with teens and their sexual activity; this could be done simply by providing guidance to teens and insuring them that no matter the issue they will always have someone there to talk to. Awareness classes could be held that addresses the dangers that come along with unprotected sex. Simply by being more open with teens  could lead to a dramatic decrease in sexually transmitted diseases. Teen pregnancies are another issue that ties in with unprotected sex. There has definitely been a rise in babies having babies causing more children to be raised in poverty. As a society we should be more willing to insure that less teen moms has to rely on government assistance to survive. We could also help those teen moms out by providing daycare so that they could finish school and work their way out of poverty.  Hatred, crime and war are also issues that have seem to take a turn for the worst. Every day on the news there is a different story on the news about gang violence, robbers, and killings. For centuries we as a society have allowed ourselves to be at war with one another over foolishness causing the person to become harmed over issues that could be easily solved. At some point we have to realize that violence is an issue that has to stop; too many innocent lives are being taken and even more people have to pay their debts to society by rotting away in prison missing out on the joys that life has to offer. I would love to be able to go around to all the crime filled neighborhoods with single teen moms to make awareness for disease and crime, many of these issues take place simply because there is no one in these cities and towns that will give the love and support that is needed.

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  1. I got divorced last year and the “anniversary” is just around the corner and I can’t just take my mind off the thoughts and memories of my wedding and everything that breaks my heart, how did you manage? Does it hurt less with age? I barely made it through the holiday season, which was huge, but now I’m dealing with this rush of feelings, remembering the person who walked down the aisle, the woman I thought I’d grow old with, but that person left and her words turned from “Yes , I love you” to “I don’t feel the same way about you.”

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