Delicious Southern Food!!!


The south is known for many great attractions, but the food has to be the overall best attraction thus far! Yes! Southern food tastes like no other type of food. For example, people travel from all over the world just to eat in the south. Many of my family members from Detroit and Florida is always asking me to bring them food when I come to visit. Barbecue is a well known southern food that everyone seems to crave. Especially Memphis, the barbecue is finger-licking good, and the meat falls right off the bones! I can’t forget about the most important food, and that’s SOUL FOOD. Soul food does something to my body, and I feel so good after I eat it. I get tired of eating fast food, but I can never get tired of eating “REAL” food. Vegetables are so delicious and in the south they are usually handpicked and extra fresh. My grandmother makes the best greens, candied yams, meatloaf, and cornbread. I had to say that because she takes pride in everything she cooks. Every piece of food she cooks is from scratch, and that is very significant for southern women. I also like “Pappadeaux” in Atlanta because they have a delicious fish and grits meal. Nothing represents the south like some fried catfish. Atlanta is also known for having “Gladys Knight and Ron’s Chicken and Waffles”, and the chicken there tastes amazing. I absolutely love ‘B.B. King’s” in Memphis because they serve a great Filet Mignon and mashed potatoes. But “The Grille” restaurant in Memphis has the best grilled food I’ve ever tasted. I like traveling to New Orleans because they serve a spicy gumbo that I must have when I visit. Seafood is significant in southern style foods because there is nothing like fish, shrimp, and lobster. The south is also known for frying everything. For example, in many southern family households, fried chicken is on the menu majority of the time. Eating southern style food makes anyone feel at home, so many people visit only to eat. Southern food brings families together, and it keeps families close. Many African American families use this type of food to connect to their roots and/or culture. I appreciate food in the south because in other regions the food does not taste as good. For instance, food in California is horrible, so the only food I enjoy is sushi, on the west coast. Up north I only enjoy the pizza and pasta. In Chicago, I tend to only eat breakfast food because they don’t have many soul food spots. Therefore, I can’t say it enough; there is no other type of food that can compare to food in the south. Banana pudding is another one of my favorites. I remember as a child in the summer, we would sit in the backyard and eat banana pudding while watching the clouds roll by. Southern food keeps memories alive, and makes people happy. The south has the most delicious food on earth, and I absolutely love it!

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