Southern Music!!!!


I love music, and that is all genres of course; but, I must say southern music is the absolute best. Music originated from southern culture, and many successful musicians were born and raised in the South. For example, Beyonce, UGK, Ciara, Lil Wayne, and Outkast are some of my favorites and they are all from Southern states. It is just something about the ring of southern music when you hear it. I love riding to Al Green because his music is so relaxing and soulful. Green’s music allows me to be able to travel in a car for multiple hours. Music is somewhat of who we are, and especially if you grew up in the south where music was played from the time you woke up until you went to bed. I remember being at family gatherings and just hanging with my friends, and music would always be the center of what was taken place. I love music because it helps me through certain situations, and it also helps lighten up anyone’s mood. My parents introduced me to music because my mother sings at everyone’s wedding, and my father plays multiple instruments, so I had no choice but to enjoy different types of music. I think everyone can agree that music is always the topic on television, in their homes, and even in schools. However, southern music particularly moves you in a way no other music does. For example, Elvis Presley’s music makes people go crazy and many of his songs were number on e hits in other countries. Many southern artists take their music back home and use their situations to create their music. For example, many of them describe their childhoods and how they made it to where they are now. I can relate to many of their music because I was raised in the South. The south comes together when it comes to their music as well. For instance, many southern rappers collaborate on songs, and they always represent the south. Southern music makes me dance, and it keeps me humble because I love the way it sounds. The sound of southern music ranges from blues to hip hop and it always creates a new sound as the years pass. Even in southern churches the music seems to be slightly different from other regions. People recognize southern church music when they hear it. It is just something about the way the music is put together, and it is amazing! Music in general is the way of life, but southern music tends to be in its on category when it is played. Artist around the world love to work with southern artist because they know they will experience a more magical sound. Music and technology has come a long way since the first sound of music, but in a way that it will always be around. Music is remarkable and memorable, and without music I think the world would be very boring! Therefore, whoever invented music, well southern music is a genius!!!

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