The South is so Unique and Fun!


The south is a great place to live and/or travel. The south is known for its southern hospitality, and fun activities. The food and the music isn’t the only thing that makes the south special. The south is significant for other things as well. The south has so many fun things to do such as beaches, parades, and festivals. For example, there are many beaches and tourist attractions the south provides. The south provides different types of weather, physical characteristics, and other varieties. For instance, you can visit Florida where it is very tropical, and then Tennessee where there are plenty of trees and snow in the winter. In the south you just don’t receive one type of climate, you receive multiple. But I must say Florida has the best weather that the south has to offer. I love going to Florida and visiting the beach. My favorite part of Florida is Miami because I travel there frequently. Florida is very tropical and has some of the best shopping plazas as well. Everything is a little expensive, but it is well worth it. Another city in Florida I like to visit is Tampa. I like Tampa because my godfather lives there and we always visit different unique restaurants. Even though it rains a lot, Tampa is still a great place to travel. New Orleans is also a city that I travel to at least every other year. This city has the Essence Festival which displays all sorts of fun things. They also have Bourbon St., great hotels, and nice restaurants. New Orleans has great bars with great music. Some of the best live bands play down in New Orleans. I cannot wait until February so I can visit this city again. I can’t forget about Texas! Texas has some of the best tourist attractions. Texas is very big, so they have room for plenty of fun. The football games are the best, especially in Dallas. Everyone is so full of Cowboy spirit and they have some of the best game after parties. I really love the night life in Houston. You haven’t had fun until you party in Houston, Texas. Houston is one of my top five favorite cities to party in. I say that because everyone is so full of life, and love to have fun. Texas also has an outdoor mall that takes three days to view called San Marcos, in a little town called San Marcos. Of course, I love Atlanta, GA, who doesn’t. Atlanta is not as expensive as Florida, but you still can have the same amount of fun. No, Atlanta doesn’t have a beach; however, it has one of the best aquariums. It also has the Coca-Cola Factory and other attractions as well. I love to travel, and I’m quite sure you all do as well. There is no place like the south and I say that because the south has its own sort of flavor that it brings to the United States! The south is the best place ever!!

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