The Rural South

Religion, Food, G.R.I.T. (guts, resilience, initiative, tenancity) and the Grind…all the ways to a Southerners heart

These are a few of the things that are associated with my southern identity. It was very important  for me to capture things that I could closely relate to; so, this is how I captured my South.


“Last Supper”

Baptist Church

Voting Rights

Fish Breading


My Favorite Snack

Soul Food

Underground Railroad


Family Oriented



Sweet Potatoe Pies

The neighborhood store












Prime Real Estate.

My home growing up.


Inside the cove.

Other end of the cove.

Middle of the cove.

Inside the cove.

Apartments where most of the school kids lived.

More apartments where school children lived.

One of 3 churches in the neighborhood.

The corner store.

Oakhaven High School.



Help me Lord!

There is an old saying that goes, “the higher belief one has then the poorer he or she will be.” I for one do not agree with this saying; However, I do see a correlation with poverty and the praise of a higher being. Churches are where people go to give praise to the Lord. I wanted to investigate is there any truth to the old saying so, I went to Frayser area in Memphis, Tennessee  38127. I also went to Doulgass Community. 38108 zip code and there are churches on every street  and some even had two different churches on the same street.



photo essay