Some Stuff is not Funny

First off every since I seen these pictures I never thought this was a laughing matter.  Some Stuff is not funny at all. Every since Halloween these pictures have been posted all over facebook, instagram, and the Internet. The pictures are supposed to be pictures of people pretending that they are Trayvon martin and George Zimmerman on Halloween. Last Time I checked this case and what happened to this little boy was not funny. It is not funny on Trayvon behalf or George. A person life was taken. This is sad that people thought it was funny and cool to even want to dress up as these people. It is really disgusting that they had the nerves to even take the picture and post the pictures that let you know they had no remorse. It is sad they actually went through it to post the pictures on the Internet. I am not sure what kind of feedback they were hoping they were going to get but i hope they did not think they were going to get a positive feedback. I really hope that did not think people was going to find these pictures funny and amusing. If they did think people was going to get a laugh off these pictures they are really sick in the mind. They had no remorse for people how they felt about this case. This is still a touchy situation topic for a lot of people and should not be made fun of. Did they even think about his mother and how this made her feel? What if this was her breaking point and your pictures was the cause of another death? I did not know that death was funny and making fun of people deaths was something you use as a joke. There is nothing funny about anyone dying no matter what the situation is. I thought as a society we have came too far to be still doing stuff like this. White people painting their face black was a way to mark blacks back when they were doing the  minstrel shows calling their selves blackface. Seeing stuff like this shows me that we have not grew as a society. White people used to paint their face black, draw on big red lips, and wear raggedly clothing and pretend that they were blacks and put on these called minstrel shows. The very things we fought for, died for, and tried to overcome it shows that we still are dealing with these things to this day. It is 2013 we should not still be seeing stuff in this manor.  It shows that people are very ignorant and have no morals. People are very inconsiderate and selfish not thinking about others at all.  If this was you brother, cousin, or one of your love ones would you want somebody to crack jokes about their death. It is all fun and games until people hurt you and talk about your love ones. I can not believe anyone is that insensitive.

Walking In Memphis (Photo Essay)

Some of the places that you should visit if you ever decide to visit Memphis,Tennesee.  Also these are some places you should visit if you  live in the city and never visited them beofre and looking for something to do especially on a day that you bored and want to get out the house.


 Red Bird Stadium Downtown


 W.C handy house downtown off Forth street


  lorraine Motel (National Civil Rights Museum) The Motel that Martin Luther King Jr was assinant


 The Car that the Man(James Earl Ray) That Killed MLK drove at the extended builded they added on across the street from the civil right museum


 The bathroom that James Earl Ray was in when he killed MLk. This is window he looked out to watch the motel. this bathroom was across the street from the motel.


 The favorite Place everybody love to visit when they come to memphis and the place memphians love to hangout. Beale Street.  I took the picture bacause the Great Dane this is a Huge Dog


 Another beautiful Place you should visit the Mississippi river. downtown on the river front watching the sunset

 Bored One day and want to get out the house take a trip to riverside drive. beginning of the semester bored one weekend and took my son and my friend kids to play


 The All time favorite place that people love to travel to memphis to visit. Elivis Presley House


 Elvis Presley Car


 Elvis Presley Plane


 Elvis Presley hotel. HeartBreak Hotel


 Elvis Gift Shop… All these place can be Located on Elvis Presley Blvd


 The Memphis Zoo


 The Memphis zoo. a place me and my son love going when the weather is nice. I think every Summer we go to the zoo every Tuesday. Pictures Taking the beginning off the semester when it was hot outside


 Memphis Zoo


 Off subject but i included this pictures because it is part of my south. I work at this health and rehab center in arlington and this resident family member found this baby deer at our front door. Took a picture of him in the back seat of the police car.  Thought it was cute and wanted to share it. Baby bambi






10 dollars and hour

Today in class we watched this film in class called 10 dollars and hour. The film made me want to change my whole blog posted that I recently started on to discuss this film. The film had me really bugging out in class because of some of the things that was stayed in the film. If you missed class today you missed a great Film. The movie was a documentary about black cooks working in the frat house at a college in Mississippi.  The film was mostly about this woman that was black and was one of the cooks but she was cooking for a white frat and her bosses were white also. She stated in the film how she love one of the student that he was her baby. They told the white student what she said and his respond back was I guess she have respect for me. What!! Really!! respect for you, you should respect her. She is the eldest you supposed to show her respect. Another thing that got me about the movie was the mother dean or whatever her name was basically the manager over the cooks. They were interviewing her about the 25 cent raise they would give the cooks after two semesters. She going to say the raise is based on how they act, if they deserve the raise, depending on how her and the cooks get alone and their attitude because attitude is a important factor. The whole time I’m thinking what you mean if they deserve it and depending on how well yall get alone. What does any of that have to do with them getting a raise or not. I did not know that you had to brown nose or kiss up to someone to get a raise. The raise should be based on your work performance not if you like a person or not. This is a job not a place to make friendships. Also another part of the movie that shocked me was the income of the cooks and the income of the manager. The manager was making 30,000 dollar a year plus free gas for her truck, free housing and health benefits. The cooks was making almost 15,000 dollars a year with no benefits but they are doing all the work. Why do the manager deserve 30,000 plus benefits and all she is doing is sitting on her butt doing nothing but the people that are bussing their butt barely making any money. That is wrong in all kind of ways. After watching this movie it really surprised me that stuff like this is still going on that people are still taking down on people and treating them inferior. Especially since the manager going to say the frat love the cooks just like you would love a maid in your house. I couldn’t take it anymore after she said that. This is really ashamed but overall the documentary is most see if you didn’t come to class I recommend people to look the film up.


Hustle and flow… through a native eyes

Let me start off by saying this no I am not trying to down play the movie hustle an flow or Memphis.  I just want to simply tell how i feel about the movie and the way i feel it represented Memphis. First off i do not think it was a bad movie and I read a lot of critics about the movie and they believe this movie showed Terrance Howard in a different light. That the movie Hustle and Flow showed how good of and actor he is.  What i did not like about the movie is the constant use of the word mane. The word mane was used a thousand times within the movie.  I am aware that people in Memphis do use the word mane but i think they over did it. almost every sentence that came out of Terrance Howard mouth contained the word mane. Also, the accent i know that we live in the south and have a southern accent, but i hate when movies try to make people have a southern accent personally to me they sound real country and a mess. Yes we are country and do not talk like people that is from New York or California, But our accent is not as bad as the movie made it seems.  The movie also did not capture Memphis in a good light. It did not capture all the good things about Memphis the movie was film in North Memphis what you would consider the “Hood” part of Memphis. It was plenty of nice areas in Memphis that they could have choose to film the movie in But they choose North Memphis. It seems like the represented Memphis as this poor city, going to hole in the wall clubs, everybody hanging outside the skating ring, that the woman are hookers and strippers, everybody look hot and sweaty. In the movie it seems like everywhere Terrance Howard and the other cast members went that they was hot and sweaty never clean looking. And i am a native from Memphis and the people i know that lives in Memphis are not always sweaty looking everywhere they go. I have family that lives in Mississippi and they have not been to Memphis in years and after seeing the movie hustle and flow they asked me do all men in Memphis have hair and wear it rolled.  All I could was Shame my head because of the image the movie but in people minds about be living in Memphis . If you never lived in Memphis or visit Memphis often you would really believe this is how Memphis is but it is much more to Memphis than the movie captured. When my family asked me that I told them no and I also told them I had friends that feel the same way about the movie as I do.  I think every time I watch the movie hustle and flow with my friends that we always laugh and discuss how tent portrayed Memphis. I’m not sure if we from the inside looking in and can not see what they see but I promise I do not see it. I really hope people do not prejudge Memphis because of the movie hustle and flow. I promise Memphis have more to offer than drugs, strippers, hookers, pimps, poor living, hot sweaty looking people and man wearing roller set hair. Do not judge a book by it’s cover.


Memphis City Schools new grading scale

Last week in Memphis, TN the Achievement School District (ASD) changed the grading system for Memphis City Schools. according to the ASD the grading system was not design to lower the standards of the students but to make students to take more responsibility when it comes to there grades. the ASD stated that students will make high grades in class and on their report card but when it came to standardized test they will score low. the grading system was to show that our students are really behind that they are making passing grades but are unable to apply the knowledge they learned to test like the TCAP.  The new grading system caused a lot of fuss in the Memphis community because parents and students already think that we are behind when it comes to other school system so why would they lower the grading system? according to the book “Memphis and The Paradox of Place” the Memphis City Schools report a high school graduation rate of 48.5  percent, one of the worst in the united states.  With that being said if Memphis City Schools has one of the worst graduation rate why would the grading system change? now you have to earn a 46 or below to fail when before it was a 69 or below. hopefully what the ASD is saying about the new grading system is true that it is away to help the students not hold them back. Because if its not than i am scared to see how much knowledge the kids are about to have. my opinion and it is only my opinion because i do not work for the ASD and do not know anything about the ASD. But, i believe the new grading system is a way to just help the kids pass along. the grading system make getting a passing grade easy. this grading system allows you to not have to put that much hard work and dedication into passing. students that been making grades in the 50s and 60s are now considered passing. this only makes it harder when they go to college and see that college does not take it easy like high school. its almost a set up for failure. i would really love to see how this turns out. hopefully for the better and not the worse. Memphis City Schools really need to find away to improve their school system and hopefully changing the grade system is the answer. everybody need to just relax and see if the ASD going to make this work but if its works then its going to be a good thing. Because not only do we need our students to pass we also need them to pass standardized test and this supposed to be the whole purpose of the new grading system.  There is plenty of  Memphis City School that is on the list of schools that students are not passing the TCAP. The school stays on the not passing the TACP list for so long that the state have to take over the school and get new staffing.