Walking In Memphis (Photo Essay)

Some of the places that you should visit if you ever decide to visit Memphis,Tennesee.  Also these are some places you should visit if you  live in the city and never visited them beofre and looking for something to do especially on a day that you bored and want to get out the house.


 Red Bird Stadium Downtown


 W.C handy house downtown off Forth street


  lorraine Motel (National Civil Rights Museum) The Motel that Martin Luther King Jr was assinant


 The Car that the Man(James Earl Ray) That Killed MLK drove at the extended builded they added on across the street from the civil right museum


 The bathroom that James Earl Ray was in when he killed MLk. This is window he looked out to watch the motel. this bathroom was across the street from the motel.


 The favorite Place everybody love to visit when they come to memphis and the place memphians love to hangout. Beale Street.  I took the picture bacause the Great Dane this is a Huge Dog


 Another beautiful Place you should visit the Mississippi river. downtown on the river front watching the sunset

 Bored One day and want to get out the house take a trip to riverside drive. beginning of the semester bored one weekend and took my son and my friend kids to play


 The All time favorite place that people love to travel to memphis to visit. Elivis Presley House


 Elvis Presley Car


 Elvis Presley Plane


 Elvis Presley hotel. HeartBreak Hotel


 Elvis Gift Shop… All these place can be Located on Elvis Presley Blvd


 The Memphis Zoo


 The Memphis zoo. a place me and my son love going when the weather is nice. I think every Summer we go to the zoo every Tuesday. Pictures Taking the beginning off the semester when it was hot outside


 Memphis Zoo


 Off subject but i included this pictures because it is part of my south. I work at this health and rehab center in arlington and this resident family member found this baby deer at our front door. Took a picture of him in the back seat of the police car.  Thought it was cute and wanted to share it. Baby bambi






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