Hustle and flow… through a native eyes

Let me start off by saying this no I am not trying to down play the movie hustle an flow or Memphis.  I just want to simply tell how i feel about the movie and the way i feel it represented Memphis. First off i do not think it was a bad movie and I read a lot of critics about the movie and they believe this movie showed Terrance Howard in a different light. That the movie Hustle and Flow showed how good of and actor he is.  What i did not like about the movie is the constant use of the word mane. The word mane was used a thousand times within the movie.  I am aware that people in Memphis do use the word mane but i think they over did it. almost every sentence that came out of Terrance Howard mouth contained the word mane. Also, the accent i know that we live in the south and have a southern accent, but i hate when movies try to make people have a southern accent personally to me they sound real country and a mess. Yes we are country and do not talk like people that is from New York or California, But our accent is not as bad as the movie made it seems.  The movie also did not capture Memphis in a good light. It did not capture all the good things about Memphis the movie was film in North Memphis what you would consider the “Hood” part of Memphis. It was plenty of nice areas in Memphis that they could have choose to film the movie in But they choose North Memphis. It seems like the represented Memphis as this poor city, going to hole in the wall clubs, everybody hanging outside the skating ring, that the woman are hookers and strippers, everybody look hot and sweaty. In the movie it seems like everywhere Terrance Howard and the other cast members went that they was hot and sweaty never clean looking. And i am a native from Memphis and the people i know that lives in Memphis are not always sweaty looking everywhere they go. I have family that lives in Mississippi and they have not been to Memphis in years and after seeing the movie hustle and flow they asked me do all men in Memphis have hair and wear it rolled.  All I could was Shame my head because of the image the movie but in people minds about be living in Memphis . If you never lived in Memphis or visit Memphis often you would really believe this is how Memphis is but it is much more to Memphis than the movie captured. When my family asked me that I told them no and I also told them I had friends that feel the same way about the movie as I do.  I think every time I watch the movie hustle and flow with my friends that we always laugh and discuss how tent portrayed Memphis. I’m not sure if we from the inside looking in and can not see what they see but I promise I do not see it. I really hope people do not prejudge Memphis because of the movie hustle and flow. I promise Memphis have more to offer than drugs, strippers, hookers, pimps, poor living, hot sweaty looking people and man wearing roller set hair. Do not judge a book by it’s cover.


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