Some Stuff is not Funny

First off every since I seen these pictures I never thought this was a laughing matter.  Some Stuff is not funny at all. Every since Halloween these pictures have been posted all over facebook, instagram, and the Internet. The pictures are supposed to be pictures of people pretending that they are Trayvon martin and George Zimmerman on Halloween. Last Time I checked this case and what happened to this little boy was not funny. It is not funny on Trayvon behalf or George. A person life was taken. This is sad that people thought it was funny and cool to even want to dress up as these people. It is really disgusting that they had the nerves to even take the picture and post the pictures that let you know they had no remorse. It is sad they actually went through it to post the pictures on the Internet. I am not sure what kind of feedback they were hoping they were going to get but i hope they did not think they were going to get a positive feedback. I really hope that did not think people was going to find these pictures funny and amusing. If they did think people was going to get a laugh off these pictures they are really sick in the mind. They had no remorse for people how they felt about this case. This is still a touchy situation topic for a lot of people and should not be made fun of. Did they even think about his mother and how this made her feel? What if this was her breaking point and your pictures was the cause of another death? I did not know that death was funny and making fun of people deaths was something you use as a joke. There is nothing funny about anyone dying no matter what the situation is. I thought as a society we have came too far to be still doing stuff like this. White people painting their face black was a way to mark blacks back when they were doing the  minstrel shows calling their selves blackface. Seeing stuff like this shows me that we have not grew as a society. White people used to paint their face black, draw on big red lips, and wear raggedly clothing and pretend that they were blacks and put on these called minstrel shows. The very things we fought for, died for, and tried to overcome it shows that we still are dealing with these things to this day. It is 2013 we should not still be seeing stuff in this manor.  It shows that people are very ignorant and have no morals. People are very inconsiderate and selfish not thinking about others at all.  If this was you brother, cousin, or one of your love ones would you want somebody to crack jokes about their death. It is all fun and games until people hurt you and talk about your love ones. I can not believe anyone is that insensitive.

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  1. The thing is, not everything is funny. Sometimes people or situations are too serious to make light of. If you are ever in a situation where something is not funny, try talking to your friends about it. Well, also professional cv writers might be able to help you see the humor in the situation.

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