Being in this class was a real eye opener and good experience for me. I have learned so much by taking this class, and if you didn’t learn anything you just simply did not come to class at all. Because even if you attend sometimes you still should have retained alot of knowledge. When I first came into this class I thought I knew alot about the South and how things worked, but attending this class my teacher had us really looking and digging into things. The books that we read had all kinds of differnt information in it. Like the book A Way Down South the key points we learned in there was the History of the South, and pop culture. Some of the concepts that i gained was how the Old South was v/s the New South, Anti Northerners, Southern identify and how it can tell us about American idenity. Another book we read was Memphis and the Paradox of place, and some key points on that book was people of little substance going to a more globaly popular music of the 20th century, and how technological innovation went under educate work force, and also how that the identity of Memphis was not neither the Old South or the New South. Memphis is in between the both because of its location, and it is like this because Memphis is the place where people have to grind to get what they want in life, well that is  what others think. I have retained alot of knowledge from this class and it was a joy having you as a teacher. I would like to thank you for all that you have done in the semester and hope to see you around! Best wishes to all of my class mates and congrats to those that is graduating in December!


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