Being in this class was a real eye opener and good experience for me. I have learned so much by taking this class, and if you didn’t learn anything you just simply did not come to class at all. Because even if you attend sometimes you still should have retained alot of knowledge. When I first came into this class I thought I knew alot about the South and how things worked, but attending this class my teacher had us really looking and digging into things. The books that we read had all kinds of differnt information in it. Like the book A Way Down South the key points we learned in there was the History of the South, and pop culture. Some of the concepts that i gained was how the Old South was v/s the New South, Anti Northerners, Southern identify and how it can tell us about American idenity. Another book we read was Memphis and the Paradox of place, and some key points on that book was people of little substance going to a more globaly popular music of the 20th century, and how technological innovation went under educate work force, and also how that the identity of Memphis was not neither the Old South or the New South. Memphis is in between the both because of its location, and it is like this because Memphis is the place where people have to grind to get what they want in life, well that is  what others think. I have retained alot of knowledge from this class and it was a joy having you as a teacher. I would like to thank you for all that you have done in the semester and hope to see you around! Best wishes to all of my class mates and congrats to those that is graduating in December!


When I was in grade school everyday before class started we all stood and said the pledge of allegiance. “”I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”. Never would i think that schools are not saying this anymore because of religious beliefs.I mean we was founded under Christianity and even back when I was younger if you were not Christian and you did not want to say it you simply sat in your seat. I really do not understand why would the schools punish the kids that believe in this not be able to say it because the word God is in it. I feel that is not right.  Many people is taking this a little to over the top in opinion.

“God help, I’m so lost!” If you listen carefully, this is a common thought that is heard throughout many schools in the nation. Is this thought appropriate? The following statement clearly shows that the law allows students and adults to practice religion, but at the same time be respective of others and their beliefs even if they do believe or if they don’t. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, or to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” (First Amendment, The Constitution of the United States). Prayer is not normally permitted as a scheduled part of classroom activities, because it would result in the violation of the principle of church-state separation, which has been defined by court interpretations of the 1st Amendment to the U.S, Constitution. The separation principle is extended to Public school as an arm of the government, with an exception which can be permitted if, during the school year, a mixture of prayers, statements, etc are delivered, using material ive received from a number of different religions and secular sources. So far, this has never been tried in a school or ruled upon by a court. I think that people need to stop being so crazy and taking this over the top. Because if you think about it our history has alot of things dealing with religion in it. So what next people is going to want to take these things out of history books.

Here in the United States people take sex to lightly. Some people think that just because that person does not look like they have a disease or think they have known that person for so long that they can be trusted. But in reality when you are having sex out of wed lock you definitely need to protect yourself.  Because like my mother told me every thing that look good to you is not good for you.  He could be the finest man on earth and you have sex with him unprotected that five maybe 10 minutes can ruin your life forever.

Even now a days you can not even trust your husband or boyfriend because there has been cases reported about husband’s giving their wives and boyfriends giving their girlfriends STD’S and even sometimes HIV.  It’s a story about a woman getting Hiv and her husband knew it and he didn’t even tell her After a doctor called with the lab results, life would never be the same for a 29-year-old Chattanooga woman.She learned her husband of nearly five years had given her HIV. He’d never even told her he had it, even though she’s pregnant with his child.”That day changed my life forever,” she said. “Just because he didn’t pull the trigger doesn’t mean this is not a murder.”

This is only one of many stories . You have to be very careful now a days. I know you might be thinking if I can not trust my husband or I can’t trust my wife what Is the point of being married.

I feel that no one is perfect and if you make a mistake and you step out on your wife or husband you should protect yourself because a night of pleasure unprotected can sometimes change your whole life forever. So be careful and always protect yourself .


In class we talk about a great deal of things that has really just opened my eyes up to some things that I just never really just paid attention to. Maybe because I am from the South, and have become comfortable with the things that goes on. Or I am use to the custom of the things that we do down here in the South. Because in reality take someone that is not from here they would probably look at some of the things we do and say we are very crazy. Watching the film and coming to class has showed me how we really talk act and carry ourselves. Especially, as a black male in the South you see a lot of want to be rappers, pants sagging, even much so the big rims on cars and gold and silver grills in their mouth. Looks as if that is the signature look that most, not all, young men want to look like and act like. The movies demonstrated and back me up a lot on the stereotype. Because in the movie it was about a pimp with the press and curl, very poor trying to accomplish his dreams of becoming a known rapper and to do this he goes through extreme measures in my opinion to complete. If you ask a young black male what he wants to become in life he will tell you either a famous basketball or football player, or a rapper. This is so funny to me because not everybody is meant to play sports or rap. Do not get me wrong there are very good known rappers and famous basketball and football players from the South. But this image and dream that some people have will never come true. Sorry to say, I really do think that the media has a lot to do with that image. Because the people that are famous make it look so easy and to make matters even worst most of their stories is the type of story that says started from the bottom now I am here. People look up to them and say hey, he is just like me he can do it so can I. But, in reality everybody cannot be a rapper and famous basketball player. I think the South would be such a better place if everybody finds their own niche, something that they are really good at and go after that dream. Dare to be different is what I have learned to live by. I am not trying to crush anybody’s dreams or anything, but I am really trying to be realistic and say that the South has so many different images that the media and famous people portray to say that their life is so perfect and that what they are doing is what you should look like and be like. When we all know that God made everybody different, I am not saying that not to chase  your dream as a rapper or basketball player because I do believe in the motto you can do anything that you put your mind to. But I’ll leave you with this advice if you are in your late 20’s almost 30 and your dream of a rapper or basketball, football player has not came true I think that you should turn that dream into a hobby and find your niche.