Kanye West, crazy or crazy genius?









  I am sure we have all had our share of Kanye West. From his temper tantrums about not winning “well deserved” awards to him stealing Taylor Swifts spotlight. I must remind you though of a Kayne West most of us once admired. The fresh new,coming from behind the scene making beats Kanye that was ready to change the world. Well, not he is not still changing the world, but this was in a better light. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” Kanye is whom I am referring too. “Jesus Walks” is the Kanye I am referring too. Okay, since I have now brought you up to par, I would like to discuss the clothing that bare the confederate flag, that he is currently selling at his shows. Many concert goers have been angered and totally lost by this concept of Kanye selling racist gear at his shows or anywhere else. I on the other hand thinks it is a wonderful marketing plan of ingenuity. You see Kanye’s album Yeezus has a few songs that push the envelope. The entire album is dedicated to racism but is a fashion sense. Does that take away from the very meaning of racism? No. With songs like Black Skinhead, Blood on the Leaves, and New Slaves it almost clarifies the reason behind the Confederate flag on the  clothing.

Kanye West was born in Atlanta, GA. to a to a former Black Panther father, who was also one of the first photojournalist for the Atlanta Journal- Constitution. As well as a mother who had he doctorate in English and a professor at Clark Atlanta University. With parents having those credentials, is the a wonder why Kanye is so out spoken and confident? West is not a stranger to racism by any means and with wisdom comes sorrow. With his up bringing, racism, raised and the south side of Chicago where black on black crime is prevalent, I can more understand his “coming out swinging” attitude. I once read that at age 08 his mom took a job in China teaching and Kanye mentioned how his classmates would ask to touch his skin because they never saw a black person. Back to the subject, Kanye received a lot of backlash for this particular album because of his relationship with Kim K. He was looked upon as fake because here you are rapping about “black struggles” but yet you impregnate Kim K. Instead of the people taking his music seriously, they rejected his lessons. The motivation behind the album was the insults he had received from a few fashion designers he had once looked up. They discredited his  new line of clothes in a racist kind of way. Kanye mentioned that black people were still enslaved due to the desire to have the most expensive hottest selling appeal even if it meant selling your soul for it. He feels that we are still picking cotton but this time not in it’s raw form but by the finished product, clothing. The album is well worth listening to especially the one called Blood on the Leaves with the Nina Simone’s 1965 rendition of Strange Fruit.http://yourlisten.com/iTTi/blood-on-the-leaves


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