This last semester in the south

Hello everyone I am back. Needless to say this is my last semester in the south. This is also my last semester as an undergrad as well. I will be leaving the south next year heading to North Carolina.  My daughter has to have surgery and her needs come first within my life and my time.  I have enjoyed this class. I learned plenty about the south that was not known before this class. Things from the article on Race and Ethnicity. Before discussing this article, I never knew it existed. After reading and browsing through this article, I learned how economic, cultural, and weather affects the Hispanic s and Asians tremendously based on the year and the metropolitan area to which they live. Also, as far as college is concerned, the enrollment rates are increasing but the completion rate is declining. Whites and Asians are more likely to finish versus blacks and Hispanics as well. We as a class focused this entire semester on southern identity. I also thought that the blacks threw themselves at the White masters in order to be pleasantly raped. Instead I found out that was just a common myth. That was the idea of the southern white identity. We also took apart another southern identity theme of movies and videos. We watched the Ms. Jackson video by Outcast; I now know that their southern identity was everything can be messed up, doors could be swinging,  holes could be in the ceilings,  and rain could be pouring down but we as blacks will still persevere. It was not until that day that I truly became knowing of the southern identity that is around me. I have always been a fan of The Housewives of Atlanta.  This particular day we watched a clip of it in class. At first I was just watching it, as always,  but when it was time to dissect this show clipping I was in awe. Those upper upper class black women & white woman still used and had the mind frame of slavery and definitely we not in tune to what they were doing nor what was going on. Since they reside in Atlanta,  that is the south and the south is considered a place where poverty is but within these housewives wealth has increased.  These women are famous and still have nannies and drivers just as in slavery. I also had the opportunity to see things i have never saw nor knew about.  Like the movie named Deliverance.  This movie was a horror film created in 1976. This movie brought about a different class status between rural and urban. The rural area meant it was the south and poor with poverty. The urban was the upper class. I always heard about inbreeding which is incest but I did not know it was true. Within this movie everyone shared a common culture religion,  music, and food as well as being in a small town. I appreciate this class because I learned more about me as well as others.

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