Southern Living: The Most Underrated Way to Live

Growing up in the South I was often surrounded by people consistently putting the area down. Oh how they naive and wrong those people were and are. The South is a prime place to call home for multiple reasons. Firstly the food located in our godly region is the best in the country, perhaps the world ( I’ll fight you if you disagree). Food is a way of life and so much compassion and time is put into it, therefore¬† it is top quality. With southern weather, especially in the Mid-South, you have a chance to enjoy every season our planet throws at us. Recreation is plentiful in the south, pick your poison. it is a great place and way to live, so get your mind right people.

Food, oh how we love food. On top of our love for good food, we have the chance to live in the “great food capital of the world”, as it was just coined. No matter where you find yourself in God’s country ( the South) you re never too far from some delicious. Of course you have BBQ, and every regions different way of preparing the smoked goodness. Then you have your chicken fried everything, and that is the way we like. Is our type of food healthy? God no. Is it divine to the taste buds? You bet your sweet ass. If it were healthy we would not brag about, or be such¬† a happy people.

In the South you legitimately get a taste of all four seasons. Who wants to live in California where it feels like the beginning of summer for an entire year? Not this guy. I love the feeling of the weather starting to cool, and getting to break out the jeans and flannels. Winter definitely has its downsides but i do enjoy it, you get to enjoy a bonfire and have the chance for a white Christmas, which is just magical.. The summers are often hot, but that is what air conditioning and bodies of water are for, so stop whining and enjoy yourself. Lets not forget about spring, oh how grand spring can be. The warm weather returning and everyone returning to their normal good moods.

If you enjoy the outdoors the South is the place for you. We have the mountains in the East if hiking is your bag. Lets not forget those bodies of water. Fishing is amazing down here, you have the coast, rivers, and lakes skittered throughout the region filled with water critters just waiting for you to come and capture them. Let not forget about sports and how much better we are than everyone else at them. When I say sports I am of course talking about the southern trinity: Football, Basketball, and my personal least favorite Baseball. We are better and we know it. I hate it when I hear people bad talk where we live when if they would just stop and think about it they would realize how good we have it.

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  1. My husband is divorced and has two children from a previous marriage. One of them recently came out as transgender and her mom/stepdad is disrespectful/terrible and drives her to suicidal thoughts. The other child is “outwardly” not LGBTQ, so she has nothing to do with it, and she is also a bit older (13 vs. 15).

    We want to try to fight for primary custody of a trans child. Is this what’s happening, or will it make our cause weak? We currently have two evenings a week and one day off with both of them.

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