Where Is All The Money?

In the America we live in today we are facing an economic crisis that is tearing down our government and putting a lot of people out work. In all the time we was on top of every country in which now we have been pushed to second-class in many peoples views. America is importing more than exporting in which we are selling our assets and taking on massive debts that sustain living that we can not afford anymore. With all this going on it is putting our international competitors to control us and make us rely on them for foreign production, innovation, and financing. America is losing its national security, self sufficiency, and leverage in which gives our foreign affairs to suffer greatly. We fail to acknowledge predatory foreign trade practices laying out the U.S. industry. With this causes problems in which we encourage U.S. manufacturers to design, engineer, and produce for third world markets in China and Mexico.

With our tax systems have unnecessarily raised domestic costs on businesses, in which the main cause of this is three decades of extreme detrimental U.S. trade and globalization policies. We rely on other countries to have faith in our policies that will hold themselves to our standards in the areas such as labor, environment, and competition policy. We are pretty much just giving away money to other countries then wondering where is all our money going then it is too late to fix anything. Our markets are some of the most important factors that keep our country strong and moving at a steady pace. We have handed rights to foreign markets to international bodies for instance The World Trade Organization and are committed to tearing down our country piece by piece. The U.S. is in a dramatically different position with the rising low wage markets. These markets have everything to gain and also as the ability to loose everything. The policies we have in the U.S. should protect our wealth and resources instead of providing lower consumer cost benefits that has a big impact on industries plus the workers in them. The main in this economic struggle is making a change for the better and protecting our policies in really putting them in affect and make them known that we will stand strong to our people. When we promote open markets and economic growth it will not alone rebalance America’s trade accounts and industrial collapse. with our industries being disarmed and dismantled that we lack knowledge, capacity, and the investment to a better industrial setup.

We have got to get back to our basics of what our country was upon and that was standing tall in our rights to not let nobody ruin our market polices or trade rights. It could make our economic struggle go away in a minute but it starts with making our policies enforced and putting the fear of God into other countries to know not to mess with us. We are one of the strongest countries in the world we just have got to get back to what we know best and make this country a whole again.

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