Where Is All The Money?

In the America we live in today we are facing an economic crisis that is tearing down our government and putting a lot of people out work. In all the time we was on top of every country in which now we have been pushed to second-class in many peoples views. America is importing more than exporting in which we are selling our assets and taking on massive debts that sustain living that we can not afford anymore. With all this going on it is putting our international competitors to control us and make us rely on them for foreign production, innovation, and financing. America is losing its national security, self sufficiency, and leverage in which gives our foreign affairs to suffer greatly. We fail to acknowledge predatory foreign trade practices laying out the U.S. industry. With this causes problems in which we encourage U.S. manufacturers to design, engineer, and produce for third world markets in China and Mexico.

With our tax systems have unnecessarily raised domestic costs on businesses, in which the main cause of this is three decades of extreme detrimental U.S. trade and globalization policies. We rely on other countries to have faith in our policies that will hold themselves to our standards in the areas such as labor, environment, and competition policy. We are pretty much just giving away money to other countries then wondering where is all our money going then it is too late to fix anything. Our markets are some of the most important factors that keep our country strong and moving at a steady pace. We have handed rights to foreign markets to international bodies for instance The World Trade Organization and are committed to tearing down our country piece by piece. The U.S. is in a dramatically different position with the rising low wage markets. These markets have everything to gain and also as the ability to loose everything. The policies we have in the U.S. should protect our wealth and resources instead of providing lower consumer cost benefits that has a big impact on industries plus the workers in them. The main in this economic struggle is making a change for the better and protecting our policies in really putting them in affect and make them known that we will stand strong to our people. When we promote open markets and economic growth it will not alone rebalance America’s trade accounts and industrial collapse. with our industries being disarmed and dismantled that we lack knowledge, capacity, and the investment to a better industrial setup.

We have got to get back to our basics of what our country was upon and that was standing tall in our rights to not let nobody ruin our market polices or trade rights. It could make our economic struggle go away in a minute but it starts with making our policies enforced and putting the fear of God into other countries to know not to mess with us. We are one of the strongest countries in the world we just have got to get back to what we know best and make this country a whole again.

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Why Sec football makes the south special?

You could take any other conference in any part of the region and it would not compare to the football in the south. The SEC has some of the best game day atmosphere’s in college football and how everybody seems to come together as one. This is one of the biggest parts of living in the south is being a fan of the SEC and loving that play of football due to what it stands for. The teams all have a representation of the south in their history but one team that really stands out in the south is Ole Miss’s Colonel Reb, in which he has been a main figure of what the south is composed of. The south is prolly one of the biggest areas for football and how everybody gets into the games like it is a religion on Saturday to watch SEC football.

I can remember growing up just filled with excitement waking up on Saturdays knowing it was SEC football day and even better when I got to go to the games it is like a feeling like no other. To me it is so amazing how one thing can make so many people happy and give up their whole Saturday to watch the games that they love. Sec football is one of the power houses in college football in which has won the last 7 national championships and dominated the polls for even longer. It is something we should be proud of because it represents the South and gives us a good look in just a small way like football. It is had been told that the reason why the south is so good at football is because we talk so slow that the players seem to understand better and take it in to stay. We are not that big so much here about professional football here because it is a new phenomenon and has had only 40 or 50 years to catch on. Whereas SEC has been an antidote to an often dark history for as long as even our oldest people can recall. We are of long memory here and know how to represent what we are till the day we die. We take our conference that represents us and so the pride of it to anybody in the country because we are proud to be apart of it due to what we represent.

The SEC gets dogged all around the country for being dominate in everything they do and mostly because they are associated with the South. The south has diverse that we are white trash that only cares about ourselves in which it is complete opposite that we care about more than a lot of other regions in the country. With the  fans still arguing that Southern colleges are dominant at football for reasons that are, amusingly, no different from what makes their own programs successful from time to time. They say we have better athletes because we have lower academic standards, but that notion has become a glass house in which other colleges in other regions no longer wish to throw stones. In fact we have some of the best graduating numbers in college football and they continually raise year after year.

How South Was Segregated

The southern states have always had more problems with segregation than the northern. The south was the last states to pass segregation laws. Those laws still stand today. Whites and blacks still do not get along to par. For the most part all of the whites still keep to themselves and the blacks keep to themselves. We as humans segregate automatically, by nature or by instinct.  Racial segregation is generally outlawed, but may exist through social norms, even when there is no strong individual preference of it. There were and still are many of times that segregation stands in court, law, and through anything to do with fights with interacial views. Most people today do not look at the past but some still do. The way things used to be is always brought up into the picture somehow. Segregation will never go away it is always here to stay. The whites and blacks were always against one another and they still in present times are. The people in the United States today are very different from all those years ago. People in the old days had slaves before segregation laws were passed in the US. Today the US has many more issues than just segregation. For the most part this is taken care of. The problem is yet to stand in the courts if the history was to come back to the US again. America is a free country but just because it is a free country does not mean that there are no laws, rules, regulations, or consequences. For all laws there is a reason behind them. No one will catch someone in this day and time that has a slave or would even think about having one. Slaves where from the past and are not going to come back because the thirteenth amendment abolished slavery. In this present day there is no reason for segregation but there is no way for it to be stopped completely because all people think and have different logics of the law than others. Everyone is intitled their own opinion. The people may get in trouble for giving their opinion at the wrong place at the wrong time but the law is the law and that’s what stands when it comes time to testify. Segregation is not just happening in the south it is happening all over the world and from the day the law was passed in the united states it still continued on and on. Today in southern states it is a big problem. The whites and blacks stay to themselves like it was before the amendment was passed. They do not mean for it to be like this but that is how people today choose to make it. This is the reason so many people in the south are the way they are. The reason for segregation laws are because all were abused in other nations with segregation and still to this day are. Segregation is not a good thing. Segregation was long before this time and the generations are just going to get more and more involved with situations and matters that they do not belong but without out a past there would be no today.

“The South Through My Eyes”

The south is a very unique place to live and I do not think there is anything like it anywhere else out there in the world. It is a place where family comes before anything and your always willing to help a friend in need. We do a lot of things different from everybody else such as the food we eat, what we do for fun, how we treat others, and the clothes we wear. In the south you see a guy or girl in camouflage it is like a normal thing but in the north you would be looked down upon for wearing that. We go hunting like it is a ritual and opening day of hunting season is like a southern holiday and pretty much everybody is in the woods on that day. If you are southern then you got to love getting after them catfish and having that pole go bump. Food is a big part of our lifestyle we can put down some food and to me I think our food is ten times better than the north food or anywhere else. Our food is very particular and unique such as fried pickles, crawfish, fried anything food, and wild game food. Family and friends are a big part of the lifestyle and what makes our southern states so great. Holidays are big for us cause it is a time to get away from the workforce and just spend time with the ones you love. You always are willing to give the shirt off your back to anyone in need and always are offering that helping hand. Having fun is a part of us even for adults that never gets old your always looking for something to do such as getting after the mudhole, fishing, hunting, or sports. I have been up north for vacation but it just seems like it is a boring environment with no interactions with your neighbors. One of the best things about living in the south is the southern bells that will make you stop and drop your jaw. I think we have some of the most beautiful girls out there cause like they say there is not nothing like a southern girl cause she will make your whole world change. Front porch sitting and picking a little guitar is a ritual here with a cold glass of sweet tea or hell even a cold beer beside you. The front porch is like a sacred place for southern people where we can go and clear our minds just think about what is to come. We have been characterized as some front porch junkies and if that is what you label us then you pretty much hit it on the head with a hammer. Dirt road riding with buddies and talking about deer hunting or whatever else is on our minds that is going on in life. I could not imagine life without the south and all these great things that is in the south that makes it so great.