Multi-factor authentication limits unauthorized account access

As you may have read, Yahoo recently announced a major security breach impacting 1 billion users.  Numerous websites have posted information regarding the security breach, and Yahoo provides the following page with additional information: Yahoo Security Notice December 14, 2016. In response to this major breach, Yahoo is recommending that account holders take immediate action including the use of Yahoo’s Account Key, a tool that utilizes multi-factor authentication to protect user accounts.  Multi-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for user accounts and it can significantly decrease the likelihood of unauthorized account access.


Users are reminded to visit University of Memphis Security to learn more about policies, guidelines, and security best practices that will help protect the University’s IT resources and user accounts.  IT security is very important at the UofM and we support multi-factor authentication via our Duo product implementation.  Account holders are encouraged to review the following page and sign up for multi-factor authentication (Duo) in order to provide additional security for their user accounts:  Duo Multifactor Authentication