ITS Strategic Planning

Dear Colleagues,

Information Technology Services (ITS) initiates discussions annually throughout the University to inform the continual improvement of the ITS Strategic Plan.  Historically, these planning sessions were scheduled for the December – January timeframe and were aligned with the March deadline for budget presentations.

ITS is shifting our strategic planning cycle to late summer/early fall in response to the new budgeting approach, Responsibility Centered Management (RCM), which is scheduled to begin FY2015 and will require budget presentations in the October/November timeframe.  Additionally, this move will allow us to capitalize on recommendations from the Redefining the University Library Committee.



UMDrive Information

Dear Colleagues and Students, is a web-based file storage service used by faculty, students, and staff.  This service plays a critical role in teaching and learning, research, and administrative processes throughout our university.

As part of our commitment to continual improvement, ITS is reviewing UMDrive to determine how to improve our file storage services.  A survey was recently conducted to gather feedback for this purpose. Unfortunately, this has led to speculation of UMDrive’s imminent decommission, and this is inaccurate.

We understand that any changes to this critical service will require a very high degree of communication and coordination. I assure you that the project team responsible for recommending any changes to our file storage services will include participation from students, faculty, and staff.

ITS will keep you advised of future developments.

Thank you,