AskTom Upgrade



Information Technology Services (ITS) is improving the quality of customer service with an enhancement of AskTom. This will now be a part of the Remedyforce Service Desk.

What is it?

AskTom is a searchable database of general questions and answers for common questions. Now we are launching a chat service for additional Q and A.

How Do I use It?

  1. Log in to
  2. ClickView Ask Tom on the left side.
  3. Type your question and your AskTom answer will appear on the right side.


  1. ClickASkTom Chat, located at the bottom right of the window of the Self Service page.
  2. Type your question or describe your issue in the text field then click Start Chat to begin chat session.


Let’s Recap!



Live Chat Feature!


As many of you know, I’m retiring effective 12/11.  I want to use this posting to express my appreciation to all and each of you – staff, faculty, students, and friends – who’ve made my time at UofM so rewarding.  You’ve helped work through the challenges and changes of the evolving higher ed and IT environments, bringing your creativity and commitment to keep us moving forward.  You’ve been excellent colleagues, and my work has only been possible because of yours.


Thanks for your support and dedication.  You make the UofM succeed.  I will miss working with you, and wish each of you the very best as you shape your own futures.


Go, Tigers!



Overhaul of the MyMemphis portal

The UofM community will notice major changes to the MyMemphis portal beginning January 7, 2016. The redesign aims to improve the overall user experience with a fully responsive design and mobile-friendly approach to content.


We know you often access MyMemphis while on the go. The new look and feel of MyMemphis is optimized for outstanding performance not just on stationary computers, but also on phones, tablets and all other mobile devices.


The new portal has been running behind the scenes for quite awhile, and final testing is in progress. After the launch on January 7, we will address any operational issues if they are discovered and continue to implement tools that keep MyMemphis user-friendly.


We’ve worked hard to make improvements so that the secure, online, self-service resources of MyMemphis are much easier to navigate for everyone. If you have any questions before or after the new portal roll out, please send them to