The University of Memphis Boosts Cybersecurity with Duo

Information Technology Services has partnered with Duo Security to provide Multi-factor Authentication for U of M computer account holders. Duo offers a method for you to protect your account by requiring a secondary means (or factor) of authentication in addition to your password. Duo is convenient because it allows you to leverage your phone and mobile devices as the second factor.


As cybersecurity tools have matured, bad actors have increasingly shifted from directly targeting computer systems to launching sophisticated phishing attacks against the people who access these systems. While simple password-based authentication has become increasingly vulnerable, Duo substantially reduces the threat of unauthorized access to your account. Use of Duo protects your sensitive personal information, as well as that of your colleagues and students, from illegitimate disclosure or alteration.


Who is Eligible?


All members of the University of Memphis community —  including faculty, staff, and students — are eligible to take advantage of Duo.


How Do I Enable Duo?


To enable Duo for your account, login to iAM and select “Duo Account Security.” You will then be guided through the process of registering your phones. Once you have enabled Duo, you will be prompted to authenticate with your second factor the next time you log in to any campus web resource.


How Do I Get Help?


Further information regarding Duo can be found at ( ). For assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 901.678.8888.