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From Memphis 3.0 to Site–Specific Design Plans

Spring 2022 Site Planning class covered a lot of territory, from the bigger picture of the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive plan to the planning and design of a specific site—from the typology of an anchor to zoning, and methodologies of site assessment, toward the design and plan of a sustainable neighborhood. Careful readings of the comprehensive plan identified potential catalytic site locations that the comprehensive plan overlooked, and thereby suggested anchor-like design plans. Sample images of site design plans are shown.

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Site Planning  S2022 PLAN 7008


Planning Sustainable Cities and Regions (PLAN / ESCI 6261-4261) Course Overview

Regional Planning PLAN 7101

Course Overview

Introduction to Urban Planning (ESCI / PLAN 3451)

Course Overview

Urban Planning Studio (PLAN / ESCI 4551)

Course Overview

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University District Site Design Plans (PLAN 7008)

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Mixed Use District Transit Oriented Development Guidelines Germantown, Tennessee (PLAN 7896)

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Cordova Site Project (Site Planning  PLAN 7008)

The ½ mile ribbon around CSX rail road, including Macon Road, and delimited further by nodal intersections at Houston Levee and Germantown roads, is  the focus of the this project, with transit supportive development concepts and site designs . This area is home to Cordova The Town, which is a traditional neighborhood design (TND), and the historic Cordova Station Road.

See Report   (PDF) See Presentation Part 1  (PDF) 

Part II  (PDF) 

Airways/Lamar Light Rail Transit Station Area: Transit Oriented Development Suitability Analysis (Excerpt from PLAN 7896)

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Lamar Corridor Transit Oriented Revitalization Plan (Site Planning PLAN 7008)

This project develops revitalization plans targeting four neighborhood  areas from Orange Mound to Annesdale Snowden  in anticipation of  Lamar Avenue Light Rail Transit alternative route.

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Grand Junction, Tennessee: Master Plan Concepts with Town Center and Residential Site Designs (Site Planning PLAN 7008)

Master Plan Concept scenarios as well as detailed Town Center an Residential Site Designs are developed for the City of Grand Junction, Tennessee,   responsive  to Tennessee Chapter 1101 guidelines on urban growth pattern.

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Piperton Tennessee: Site Suitability, Visual Survey, Town Center Design Plan (Site Planning  PLAN 7008)

This project includes a city-wide visual survey and inventory of physical formal quality which is used to generate alternative, sub-area development concepts and site design plans.

Site Design for Perkins Station  (Site Planning PLAN 7008)

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Course Objectives   (PLAN 7008)

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 University Campus Survey and Plan (Site Planning PLAN 7008)

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Highland Avenue

Land Use and Circulation

 Figure-Ground Aerial View

Highland Street Land-Use and Circulation (zip)

A Virtual Model for Urban Design Process (Seminar in Urban Design – PLAN 7205) (G)

Model  Design



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Making the Case for Transit Villages in the Memphis Metropolitan Area (Seminar in Urban Design PLAN 7205)

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Medical District- Dunlap Street Station 

Urban Design Project, PLAN 7205

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City Planning Principles and Theory (PLAN 7002) (G)
Research Problem (PLAN 7701) (G)
Capstone Project (PLAN 7896) (G)

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Methodology & Techniques in Planning (PLAN 6521) (G)
Regional Planning (PLAN 7101) (G)
Planning Studio (7007) (G)
Quantitative Methods* (GEOG 4521/PLAN 6521) (U & G)
*Computation Intensive Course for the University General Education Program.
** Graduate (G), Undergraduate (UG)

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