Welfare applicants drug-tested

Will the argument of welfare applicants needing to be or not to be drug tested ever end? There is an assumption that the people who will receive public assistance are more likely to use illegal drugs. Unfortunately, there are people who will abuse the system. We have lazy people all over that want to have the government helping them so that they can do what they want. On the other hand, you have people who really need the help and they aren’t abusing the system and really do work hard.

Tennessee and 11 other states require applicants to perform drug screening and testing. There are 10 other states that are presenting the same bill hoping to be passed. So which one is right? Do you or do you not drug test these people needing or say they need government assistance?

The state of Tennessee spent $5,295 to start the program, including $4,215 to purchase the drug tests. There are a lot of people who want to put a halt to drug addiction. Some people believe that the state should use their resources to fund drug treatment programs rather then blocking access to public benefit applicants.

In my opinion, this is sad. You have your families and people who really need the assistance. They are being hassled because of the other people who are ruining it for everyone. It will always be a question somewhere. Do you or do you not require drug tests for welfare applicants? What do you think?