In The Waiting room

This summer I was unfortunate enough not to have health care, which would have been fine but with all of my luck I got sick, of course. Now I don’t have anything against doctors; I honestly like going.  The problem came into play when it came to the bill. It is usually covered by insurance but as I said before I didn’t have any. So me being a child of Google, I googled  cheap health care in Memphis and I stumbled across Christ Community. So I called  and made an appointment.  When I walked in I was greeted with smiling faces and a room full of waiting patients. So I picked up a magazine  and waited for my turn.  A older lady came in and sat next to me and we sparked a conversation. In that conversation she told me (what felt like) all of her business. She told me that it was a shame that so many places like Christ Community were closing their doors due to the lack of funding. Honestly, I blew her off with  me being so wrapped up in the magazine I was pretending to read . The nurse called me back and I met with the doctor; all was fine. Later when I went  home I started to think about the older lady and what she said.  So I looked up reasons why Christ Community couldn’t get funding  and I found the phrase separation of church and state, which I further looked into. The Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”  Which is totally cool but let’s take a minute to think about the neighborhoods that have these religious services. They are urban neighborhoods that wouldn’t necessarily have access to health care.  So what exactly are we separating again? Someone please remind me.    – See more at:

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  1. Sometimes government may forget what public interest really means. We want to push affordable health care, by taking what most people in low income areas can afford? The government has its own agenda and sometimes it does not include people with little to contribute to the tax pot. Its up to us to keep these places open, by going to our Congressman and Senators, to make sure they take all the necessary steps to help our neighborhoods. This should be year round job for them and not just during election years.

  2. That last question really makes you think, okay I get for many reason we Separate church and state one being we are a mixed nation of many religions But at the same time other then that reason, why in some way shape or form would we not funding this places that are more helpful to low income families…we are a so called government that at times wants to help those who have less , well why not this…why spend all this money on taxes and insurance if the ones who really needs it has no places to go to get these services at a better price.

  3. Hey, I made a post about a topic similar to yours about health insurance. It is a shame that they give people ridiculously high bills to pay due to their well being. The way I look at is, no one asks to be sick, so why charge me for it. Health insurance or not, I just don’t believe people should have to pay for their lives. We already do that within the cost of living.

  4. Some people just don’t care if the people in the community has insurance or not. Its a shame how this world has become and they treat people. They just don’t care any more. There was time when health care was free for the individuals. But that’s long ago. And now by Christ Community closing they doors people have to find something cheap. For the people who don’t have good insurance want have any where to go that cheap. Some people in the world just care about self.

  5. This was a very interesting post. I didn’t know much about Christ Community Health until earlier this year when I made what I thought was an urgent doctor’s appointment. Because I am uninsured, I couldn’t afford a visit to the emergency room or my primary care specialist. I did my research on affordable clinics for the uninsured, and came across CCH. I talked to a representative who explained to me what documents I needed and the cost of my visit. Because of my low income, I was only charged a $25 fee to be seen and have lab work done. The nurses were welcoming and the overall atmosphere of the clinic was better than my primary one. I got my lab results within a week, and everything was fine. Although I didn’t need any treatment, I enjoyed my experience and didn’t regret paying $25 for assurance and a piece of mind. I was satisfied with sacrificing those $25 for my health to receive service, instead of not being able to afford to service in what could have been an emergency. I think if more people knew of Christ Community Health and their services, they would receive the support that they deserve (especially uninsured young adults as myself). Of course the government would not support religious services as this because it isn’t something that they’ve implemented. I think these services are substantial to their surrounding communities or else they wouldn’t be there.

    • Dear Angelica,
      This is Wallace and I thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments about health care. You have set an example for the uninsured, low income, adults in Memphis in terms of taking control of their own health care. Throughout the city of Memphis there are many citizens who are riding on scooters, walking on crunches, and overweight without health insurance. Perhaps, they have other unseen illnesses that go untreated because the cannot afford to be seen at the emergency room or a primary doctor. You have spoken words of inspiration to the people of Memphis. We should continue to inform Memphians about health care facilities such as Christ Community Health Center. You have also spoken words of inspiration about making one’s health care a priority.

  6. This is a very sticky topic. There are good reasons why state and church are separate but then you think about all the good things churches do for the community. My mom is a secretary at a church and they help with rent, electricity, water, gas, and even have a semi truck come in once a month with loads of free food for people that need it. But they don’t get funding from the government. If they did I think churches would be able to help a lot more people. Once the monthly budget is reach my mom then has to turn down people that ask for help because the church does not have the money. The government helping the churches out would be great, but there is that separation.

  7. Church and State: “God Bless America” and “In God We Trust” are statements that have to do with church and this country. Although, health care and poverty are political issues, we see religious organization such as Christ Community Health Center and Catholic Churches providing health care and other assistance to the citizen of their state. The issue of church and state has been an ongoing discussion since the 1700’s. The question remains: Is there, in reality, separation of church and state in this country? Perhaps, earlier there was more involvement from the church in governmental affairs than there are today. Because for many years politicians and citizens have called for separation of church and state; we seem to have come to varying degrees of distance between the two, (church and state.) It does not appear that we have complete separation of church and state.

  8. It’s really sad to know that our government isn’t doing what it should be doing for the people. The funding that they can provide to organizations like CCH would help a lot if only they sincerely want to give assistance to our citizens. Too bad it’s not the case.

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