How Proud are the Prideful?

I was downtown in my hometown, Memphis, TN this past Saturday when I noticed what seemed to be a celebration/parade going on close to Beale street. I had my Aunt slow down a  bit to take heed to what was happening and noticed a lot of people dressed in rainbow/color for the “gay pride” fair. The first thing that came to my mind was “wow, we have come so far as a nation!” I could feel the happiness/joy in the air as I watched everyone sing, dance, and party to what has to be the overall point of the celebration: the supreme court’s decision to make gay marriage legal in the U.S.  I must say, as an African American female, I am always most proud when I read the history of my ancestors and about their efforts to fight for their rights as humans so I am glad that I got to witness a moment that will become history because it meant that the people in my society accomplished what they fought so very hard for and equality was pronounced.

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