How Proud are the Prideful?

I was downtown in my hometown, Memphis, TN this past Saturday when I noticed what seemed to be a celebration/parade going on close to Beale street. I had my Aunt slow down a  bit to take heed to what was happening and noticed a lot of people dressed in rainbow/color for the “gay pride” fair. The first thing that came to my mind was “wow, we have come so far as a nation!” I could feel the happiness/joy in the air as I watched everyone sing, dance, and party to what has to be the overall point of the celebration: the supreme court’s decision to make gay marriage legal in the U.S.  I must say, as an African American female, I am always most proud when I read the history of my ancestors and about their efforts to fight for their rights as humans so I am glad that I got to witness a moment that will become history because it meant that the people in my society accomplished what they fought so very hard for and equality was pronounced.

Shelby County Schools unattached

I’m not sure how long or how many issues have stemmed within the Memphis City School system.  But I do know and remember how serious it was to my parents that I attended a “decent” public school by the time I reached high school. Before that, it seemed as though the schools in my resident district was sufficient enough but within the three years of middle school, that all changed.  The high school that I was assigned to by the city was not a decent school that produced great academic progress that impressed my parents enough to send me there. So, as a result, my parents and I worked hard to get me into an optional program outside of my resident district that was more credible.  Now, just a short five years later I hear more frequently in the news that many public schools are branching off from the Shelby County/MCS system, raising taxes to raise money, and becoming independent institutions.  In my opinion, this is not just a divide within the school system but a divide within the community and the city of Memphis and surrounding areas as a whole.  It saddens me when I think about my baby sister who is a junior in high school because her education can not be the top priority of school officials and leaders with all the other commotion arising. I hope this problem can be resolved effectively real soon otherwise, I would have to consider becoming a resident elsewhere, unfortunately.  I actually would hate to leave my home town because the city is decaying.