Police Officers getting in trouble

Its funny how you hear about some law enforcement personnel or officers getting in trouble and they get off the hook like the very next day. if an officer gets his or her first DUI should the officer be suspended with pay or with out pay? I think the officer should be suspended without pay. police officers are public figures. true enough they are human and they make mistakes but when you are enforcing the law you cant be doing those things in public. by that being the first offense I feel that the 24hours the officer is not on the duty the officer has a lot of time to think the about the actions he or she has committed. maybe the first offense is too “lite” for the officer but the officer has time to think about the actions. Now for the second offense I do believe the penalty will be stiffer. if an officer is charged with an DUI, the officer will be suspended with out pay. in addition to the suspended from the job, prior to returning the officer will under go a class that lasts 8 days on the importance of not driving drunk or intoxicated. from the first offense of being suspended for 24 hours the second offense the officer will be suspended 4 days without pay and then wait 3 days after to start the class. if the second chance does not work for the police officer then maybe the officer should consider another career. with that being sad officers shouldn’t be let off the hook just like that. police officers should be aware of their actions as well as normal civilians.

36 thoughts on “Police Officers getting in trouble

  1. I totally agree with you when saying that police officers are public authority figures and they should be held to a higher standard in terms of following law practices. However I feel that two offenses of the same kind deserves severe punishment measures.

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