Useful Tactics?

Domestic violence is a steadily increasing issue in our society. Recently, as in the last month or so, we’ve witnessed SEVERAL deaths and unfortunate altercations in the city of Memphis alone. Not to take away from the importance on violence against men, but almost every case we hear or read about is mostly woman centered. The first questions that come to mind when I hear about about a domestic violence dispute is ” why weren’t these issues nipped in the bud from the start?” or ” How did the violence progress so much that it lead to this ending?” This brought me to consider the tactics that we are given to help prevent harm caused to women. The main tactic I want to discuss is the restraining/ protective order.  I chose this topic because I never fully understood the purpose of a restraining order in a dangerous life threatening situation.  My main concern is what good will a piece of paper, ordered from the courts, do me if my attacker won’t acknowledge it or temporarily stops their behavior? Most cases I hear about either involves a current relationship, marriage, or an ex relationship. An example would be the killing of a local Memphis woman a few weeks back at a daycare center. Reportedly, the couple was going through a divorce, and she had already experienced issues with violence because her husband a previous record from back in 2009 when he almost choked her to death.  Supposedly, the woman had a restraining order on file. As we all know restraining orders expire. My argument is to change the law on restraining orders by taking extra necessary steps to help prevent future attacks. In Tennessee, the judge can decide if your case is extreme enough to even file for a restraining order, which I though was preposterous. Who are they to decide how severe your case is? I do understand that they have to regulate cases somehow, but i doubt anyone would take the time out to file for a restraining order if they thought that they really didn’t need one. I feel like a restraining order really doesn’t do anything , but if a person chooses to file one they should be automatically granted  legal rights. Another issue is the process of getting a restraining order. In  the state of Tennessee you have to obtain the necessary forms, fill them out correctly, wait for the service of process, attend a hearing, prove your case worthy of a restraining order, and hope that the court agrees with you and then you’ll have to attend a full court hearing for a final decision. Now, within the time it takes for all of this to occur, you’re still in danger unknowingly to the COURTS! Meaning, if you are lucky enough to have a attacker who is worried about going to jail, they can still abuse, stalk and threaten you without legal precautions. I think we should push the courts to tweak their process on restraining orders and consider the fact that somethings shouldn’t be up for consideration when it comes to safety.

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  1. I agree with you my mom was a victim of domestic violence. My dad was very abusive, but she never did a order of protection. She did not know how and she did not have the time. The courts and the laws are created to be reactive and not proactive, which needs to change. You cannot predict what a person may do, but if that individual has a history and reported the process should be shorter, since a persons life could very well hang in the balance.

  2. Domestic violence has been in the spotlight a lot lately. From our local news to our national news, the number of domestic disputes seem to rise. Actually, I believe the media are just now publicizing a dark secret that most people never talk about outside of the home. It seem’s that we all know someone that has been involved in a domestic dispute, no matter the extemity, or we know someome that has felt unsafe in some way. As citizens, we rely on the justice system to protect us because taking things into our own hands can result in more dangerous encounters. I believe you guys are right about the process taking to long to ensure the protection of the person filing fo the order of protection. That’s a scary situation, especially seeing how it could escalate. The recent shooting incidents mentioned at the daycare center and Target in Memphis occured in public, and many more could have been injured or killed. Restraining orders definitely need more priority in the courts to potentially save a life.

  3. There is an increase of violence against women by men, and also there is a small increase of domestic violence from women against men and children. We have to remember there are people that do not report domestic violence and these people are left uncounted for. My sister and a number of family members never reported the abuse they suffered from their husband to the police. When I watch the Ray Rice incident on television, I had flash backs about my sister and her abusive situation, I cried.
    What we really need is more men to take a stand on Domestic Violence, talk to other men and let them know that Domestic Violence is wrong.

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