Condition of Memphis City Streets

Being a daily commuter to campus from east Memphis, it takes me about 20-25 minutes to get to school taking the express way. However some morning the e-way is so congested with traffic that you have no choice but to take alternate street routes. My concern is the poor street conditions of Memphis. Conditions including: pot wholes, broken pavement, and uneven roads are not only hazardous to your vehicles, but it also adds to the many dangers of the road. As we know Tennessee takes part in a mass of car deaths a year. I am unsure as to what actions need to be put in place, but I do feel like it should not take a flat tire, or even a fatality to bring attention to this matter.

37 thoughts on “Condition of Memphis City Streets

  1. Wow… You said a mouthful. I agree with vey bit of it. There is not a sufficient amount of transportation and the congestion is a car accident waiting to happen. It is ridiculous.

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  3. I am in agreement with a good portion of it. Because there is not a sufficient volume of transportation dordle, there is congestion, which increases the risk of a vehicle accident occurring. It is really absurd.

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