Legalization of Marijuana in Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the 19 states that have decriminalized personal use of marijuana. They will get a fine of $250 if they are caught with more than an ounce instead of jail time which is a little crazy to me. This is about the legalization of Marijuana in Mississippi for the year of 2016. The mississippi Alliance for Cannabis are trying to collect over 100,000 signatures for the 2016 election on whether or not to allow marijuana for any adult. In my opinion I believe allowing marijuana to be available to everyone is a bit outrageous. Also, it will just cause more problems everywhere. Sure I believe it is okay and should be allowed for the purpose of medicine to help ease the pain of cancer and other sick patients, but it is not right for the purpose of just getting high to feel some type of pleasure for an hour or so. Marijuana is made for the purpose to relax and help pain. Let’s say a person has legally smoked it and then got behind the wheel and got into an accident; would they be held accountable even if it were technically legal in that state. I personally believe Mississippi is WAY too close to memphis which means anyone could go there and buy the product and it be okay. I do not think smoking anything is good for you, so it should not be passed unless it is only allowed to sick patients. Marijuana can make people hallucinate and be paranoid so I would not want to be around that. On a personal note I visit Mississippi just about every summer for concerts and visiting friends and I choose to not be around all the smoke because if it is legalized I know everyone will be doing it.    

46 thoughts on “Legalization of Marijuana in Mississippi

  1. I agree with you that medicinal marijuana should be available to patients with chronic illnesses, but I disagree with you on your overall view of marijuana. For centuries, this plant has been used for medicinal purposes and recreationally cross culturally. Just like any other drug, (aspirin, codeine, antihistamines, guaifenesin, benadryl) it has safety risks and affects people’s bodies in different ways. The risk of someone abusing NyQuil and driving then killing someone is more common that marijuana related accidents because cold medicine is legal, therefore more people have access to it. Cold medicine can make you hallucinate as well, but can also give you seizures, acute liver failure, irregular heartbeat, etc. Conditions that could kill you. According to the Drug War Organization, the was zero deaths from the use of marijuana and 18,000 related to alcohol, and alcohol is legal. Therefore it is unethical for you to say that it will cause a large amount of issues. It is also unethical to say that we should not be fining people, but instead placing them in jail with real criminals.

  2. I agree with Tess. Marijuana is not as harmful as other drug that we can get everyday. Did u know that hemp, which a product from marijuana, can be used to make many products today that we use. Another thing hemp can be used to make paper, which if we used that can save trees and environments. One other thing did you know we spend more money on people we sent to jail for that then other things. I think we should focus on more harmful things and murder than marijuana smokers.

  3. Mississippi is considering legalizing marijuana? I ha no idea, and as close as 2016? I personally dont think that will happen. Regardless of whether the board gets 100,000 signatures or not, the cons out of the situation definitely out way the pros. Legalizing marijuana in Mississippi only creates a gate way to the bigger outskirt cities, (Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis). I dont know why you would have a problem with people smoking to get high though. Medical use or not is will be smoked recreationally.

  4. Well, so much thought has gone into what should be federal versus state responsibilities. I agree that this drug should be regulated for patience, however, many people are not diagnosed, for many reasons, which they will continue to seek other alternatives. Regulating individuals’ behaviors seem to be the norm of some humans, and in some cases, tolerable. However, the bottom line is the dollar amount, whether prescribed or taxed through the courts. At some point, changes are inevitable. Basically, it’s how the public will respond: consequences will follow either way. The South has been behind in many instances.

  5. I think it should be legalized, I live in Miss. Liquor it is legal, no more bootleggers. You can get any drug off the street don’t know what else has been ADDED that shouldn’t be.Drink and get behind the wheel you speed and act stupid, at least marijuana makes you mellow you may drive slow as hell but better than going 100 miles an hour. I’m sure if it was legal laws would still be in effect while driving. I was born and raised the South and am proud of it. If you don’t live here you have no right to judge us. BUTT out!!!

  6. Marijuana was legalized in the state of Mississippi in 2013. First, the Governor Phil Bryant signed a bill that made it legal to use marijuana as a treatment for severe epilepsy disorders. Then, in 2014, the same law was taken into consideration and changed by the Mississippi Legislature. The lawmakers made it legal to use medical marijuana to treat any condition that a physician could find beneficial. cheap essay writing service fast

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