Legalization of Marijuana in Mississippi

Mississippi is one of the 19 states that have decriminalized personal use of marijuana. They will get a fine of $250 if they are caught with more than an ounce instead of jail time which is a little crazy to me. This is about the legalization of Marijuana in Mississippi for the year of 2016. The mississippi Alliance for Cannabis are trying to collect over 100,000 signatures for the 2016 election on whether or not to allow marijuana for any adult. In my opinion I believe allowing marijuana to be available to everyone is a bit outrageous. Also, it will just cause more problems everywhere. Sure I believe it is okay and should be allowed for the purpose of medicine to help ease the pain of cancer and other sick patients, but it is not right for the purpose of just getting high to feel some type of pleasure for an hour or so. Marijuana is made for the purpose to relax and help pain. Let’s say a person has legally smoked it and then got behind the wheel and got into an accident; would they be held accountable even if it were technically legal in that state. I personally believe Mississippi is WAY too close to memphis which means anyone could go there and buy the product and it be okay. I do not think smoking anything is good for you, so it should not be passed unless it is only allowed to sick patients. Marijuana can make people hallucinate and be paranoid so I would not want to be around that. On a personal note I visit Mississippi just about every summer for concerts and visiting friends and I choose to not be around all the smoke because if it is legalized I know everyone will be doing it.