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As you all know the Bass Pro shop located inside the Pyramid will soon be opening this spring. I think this may be a great opportunity for the city of Memphis. Bass Pro plans on hiring for over 600 positions and I believe that is going to effect the economy of Memphis in a very positive way. The shop is going to be huge with a dining area, attractions, and of course plenty of retail merchandise. With such an attraction located in the most tourist attracted area of Memphis, it could only mean that we will soon be bringing in revenue from people all over the country coming to check out this store. If the revenue is steady and/or continues to increase over time Bass Pro could put money back into the city to fix some of the things we complain about on the daily, like potholes, or even law enforcement. I think that overall this company is going to bring a much needed boost to Memphis.


Check out this link to see just how awesome Bass Pro will be:

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  1. I have been living in Memphis my entire life and have only been shown its ugliest side. It wasn’t until I came to college that I began to see the awesome things happening in this city. Rebirth is taking place as we speak. The more companies moving in and supplying jobs will only further this. I am so excited for the future of Memphis.

  2. I think Bass Pro can be a turning point for the city of Memphis. If it really does bring in revenue for the city I see no downsides and only positives. It has been really great to see the upswing of urban revival in the community and I hope it continues. Memphis is a great place and not all the bad story lines that we see on the news.

  3. I totally agree the the new Bass Pro Shop is a great way for this city to get recognized for the the good in it and not all the bad that everyone seems to hear about. Also, the 600 job opportunities is an awesome way to help those in need of a decent job to help get some people of the streets will do nothing but good. The money that will come in for this new scene is going to be outstanding because everyone has been talking about the opening of it ever since it was first mentioned that the pyramid was going to be turned into a huge Bass Pro Shop. You made a great point on what the extra money coming in should be used for. The Memphis roads are in dyer need of re-paving and we could also use more help trying to protect this city and try to get the good name back that it once had instead of it being considered a bad and dangerous place to live. I personally think Memphis is a beautiful city and has many popular tour places that are known everywhere.

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