Bass Pro

As you all know the Bass Pro shop located inside the Pyramid will soon be opening this spring. I think this may be a great opportunity for the city of Memphis. Bass Pro plans on hiring for over 600 positions and I believe that is going to effect the economy of Memphis in a very positive way. The shop is going to be huge with a dining area, attractions, and of course plenty of retail merchandise. With such an attraction located in the most tourist attracted area of Memphis, it could only mean that we will soon be bringing in revenue from people all over the country coming to check out this store. If the revenue is steady and/or continues to increase over time Bass Pro could put money back into the city to fix some of the things we complain about on the daily, like potholes, or even law enforcement. I think that overall this company is going to bring a much needed boost to Memphis.


Check out this link to see just how awesome Bass Pro will be: