Teenage Madness!

I am convinced that it must be something in the water here in Memphis! What happened to kids going out and having fun doing normal stuff?

The parking lot attack at Kroger was unacceptable. I mean, what is going on in your mind to make you randomly attack someone?! When I was in high school, fun for me was the local skating rink, the movies, and high school parties. Some of my peers were reckless, but not nearly as bad as these children. If its not marijuana, its sex, and if not sex then its violence like this. It’s bad enough that they fight each other but to attack someone that’s not bothering you; there has to be some serious issues or plain old boredom.

These kids don’t understand that it is a privilege to do these things they are able to do without supervision. They cant go to the movies after a certain time and now they’re possibly threatening other freedoms they have. Just what if the city said,”No child under 18 will be able to be out after 6 pm.”? What about that 17 year old mother who needs milk at the last minute, after 6?  My point is these children need to be taught a lesson somehow, every single one of them, and they need to understand for every action there is a reaction. They are showing us that they are not afraid of anything; it’s time to help them get rid of that mentality.

133 thoughts on “Teenage Madness!

  1. I totally agree with the fact that teenagers nowadays go out and look for trouble to have fun. It’s stupid and can get you in a lot of trouble, but it’s like teenagers aren’t having fun unless their beating somebody’s face in. They don’t realize that their actions have consequences, and I think the way they’re brought up has a lot to do with it. If we want to control our children’s consequences, I think we have to bring them up better and more discipline throughout childhood.

    • You are absolutely right! The problem these days is that we have, literally, children raising children. And what’s worse than that are these “know-it-all” parents that don’t know grass from a tree. I don’t mean all kids act this way but the ratio of Einsteins to Mansons in this generation is something else. You’d think with all the policies being put in place to actually help them they would fall in line, but no. I’m almost against having a child because I fear they will become one of these “animals”! They have no discipline nor self respect let alone respect for life period and it isn’t fair to the kids who are model citizens.

      • I could not agree with you more! I think a huge issue in our society these days is we have way to many children raising children and they do not have the maturity or the means to properly raise a child. I would have to disagree however on your thoughts against having a child out of fear they will become like this. I think it all has to do with how you raise them and the environment you keep them in and the morals you instill in them. I think children will have respect for discipline if they are disciplined!

    • Karen all teenagers do not fall into this category, they all do go out and “look for trouble to have fun”. We as a society cannot always take what the media shows us as gospel truth. We have teenagers all over the country doing great things, but how often do we see it. Moes Bows is a great example, but he isnt advertised as much. As as society we have to realize the economic gap, children are being raised in single parent homes a lot of times that single parent is working multiple jobs, so they are missing out of some of those values. We have to realize no one is perfect and just because we didnt not get caught doing our wrong does not mean we get a pass to talk about someone else who did.

  2. I strongly agree with where you are coming from. Something must be done and I do hope something will be done to get these kids to understand that their actions has consequences. The situation that happened at Kroger was sad and I could barely watch the foolishness. Lucky I heard that some of the grandparents and parents turned the kids in. Nevertheless, something needs to be done to make sure this never happens again.

  3. I completely agree that something needs to be done. The male who was attacked was actually the brother of a girl I went to high school with. It’s ridiculous that we can’t go to the store without feeling safe anymore and you can even carry a gun into Kroger, which is a whole other topic, but it makes me further question my safety. You make valid points and I’m grateful that some of the family members of these wild teens turned them in to the police.

  4. I agree 100% with you on the teenage madness. I was so shocked to hear about the Kroger attacks and I feel that there needs to be something done to stop these teens from doing things like this. I think that there are many problems as to why this is happening but to start I feel like parents need to step up and be better parents. I feel that many teens don’t have discipline in their homes and this causes problems within the community. When I was in high school teens did do stupid things but not anything like what is going on today. I feel like every year that passes it just gets worse. You are right there needs to be something done to stop this from happening.

  5. Teenage Madness yes you hit the nail dead on the head. It’s a shame we’ve let our children act this way, a pack of “animals” this crime should not go untouched. Parents should take some of the responsibility for how their kids behave after all the tree is known by the fruit it bears. On the other hand these kids knew exactly what they were doing they were organized and planned out. this tells me that their intelligent just not focused on the positive things out here in life. I agree there needs to be some type of curfew or policy in place. But this problem starts at the home and those parents have to step up to plate and train their kids.

  6. Teenage Madness, I hate to say this, I fault the some of the parents for their children behavior, respect is not being taught in a lot of children homes, parents are not setting a good example for their children to follow, most of these children are acting like their parents, it is what they see at home, so the children take it to the streets, most the children do not think that they did anything wrong.

  7. Most of the teenagers causing these problem behaviors live in poverty. They are imitating what they are expose to in their community, the things they see on television, and what they here in music. As a result, they showing so much negativity here in Memphis. That’s crazy because I was at that particuluar krogers before all of that occured.

  8. I agree that this unruly behavior is teenage madness . I also agree with Marquis that not all teenagers fall into this category. A lot of teenagers today disrespects authority because they’ve never been disciplined nor had to take responsibility for their actions. I live down the street from the Kroger where the mob attack occurred, and I didn’t know anything about it until it circulated the media. I found the video very disturbing and saddening, but was even more disappointed in how our youth are so misguided. I see a lot of rebellious, upset teens who have potential, but lack the resources and positive support to exceed it. There has to be a different, effective approach to save our teens, and giving up shouldn’t be one of them.

  9. Children behavior steams from many different reasons. Not all kids are bad because of the parents. It can come from hanging around the wrong crowd. Being influence is the biggest to me. We need to come together in the community and help our children not just judge them. Help them do better and want better. If we get enough people that can help put positive reinforcement in our children it might change or a slow change over time.

  10. I agree. Children try to fit in as best as they can, so they feel that they have to do whatever it takes to feel apart of a group or feel a part of something at all. Kids are exposed to more dangers and things that we were exposed to growing up in the 90s. Kids are able to get away with more things and escape consequences. If only we could bring back corporal punishment….

  11. I love the point you made about a city wide curfew being problematic. I had not thought about the teenage parents that have already started life on their own. And it is also true that curfews only delay the problem, they don’t do anything to fix the mindset of these kids.

  12. I don’t think Memphis has enough attractions for teens. Everything here is 21 and up so of course it makes you want to grow up faster and engage in activities that you shouldn’t. I mean when I was growing up we had Jillians, attractions in the Peabody, and the Midsouth fair; even some of the best skating centers are run down. So now there is really nothing in the city of Memphis geared toward the teenagers.

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