Teenage Madness!

I am convinced that it must be something in the water here in Memphis! What happened to kids going out and having fun doing normal stuff?

The parking lot attack at Kroger was unacceptable. I mean, what is going on in your mind to make you randomly attack someone?! When I was in high school, fun for me was the local skating rink, the movies, and high school parties. Some of my peers were reckless, but not nearly as bad as these children. If its not marijuana, its sex, and if not sex then its violence like this. It’s bad enough that they fight each other but to attack someone that’s not bothering you; there has to be some serious issues or plain old boredom.

These kids don’t understand that it is a privilege to do these things they are able to do without supervision. They cant go to the movies after a certain time and now they’re possibly threatening other freedoms they have. Just what if the city said,”No child under 18 will be able to be out after 6 pm.”? What about that 17 year old mother who needs milk at the last minute, after 6?  My point is these children need to be taught a lesson somehow, every single one of them, and they need to understand for every action there is a reaction. They are showing us that they are not afraid of anything; it’s time to help them get rid of that mentality.

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