Memphis Streets….

Everywhere I drive almost, I see pot holes and damaged streets. This is an issue that every native want to be fixed. There has been so many car flats because of this issue. I recall one day while riding on the express way trying to avoid the damage parts of the road, later ran over a pot hole which caused my back tires to flatten. I think this issue in the city of  Memphis, has been going on for so long and again many people are affected by it. I remember hearing a complaint from a memphian  complain about this issue, and wanted some results. NOw I heard this on the news the summer of this year and there’s still no result. I have practically lived here all of my life and my parents mention how the roads has always been damage and reckless toward cars. I am so interested about this problem because I do believe it is important for every driver in this city to travel safe from one place to another. Even though I realize how expensive it may be, but apparently the city doesn’t have the funds to complete this problem.  Recently I researched how people are affected and what the city major is doing about this issue. And while reading I stumble across financial problems in Memphis stated by certain people that live in Memphis, and also they are getting a plan to fix the roads. Honestly this is probably my biggest problem in this city because wherever you drive the streets are terrible. Now with an exception of  the suburbs such as Germantown, and Arlington which is the area I stay. I do understand that those small communities have their separate intensities but without the city of Memphis there would not be a Arlington. So I feel as if everybody to should help in financial ways to pave the way for smooth streets for people to be safe.

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  1. Good Post, I agree the city needs to improve the roads. Sometimes I find myself hurriedly driving on the opposite side of the road to keep from damaging my car! You’d think that with the public concern arising they’d make more of an effort to push the issues of the streets. I can say that in my area of town, they have repaved numerous streets…but the thing is, erosion takes place so quickly in our city because of the off an on rainy weather.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on this top. It is very true that Memphis’ streets are terrible and unsafe to drive on. The government can spend so much money incorporating things that don’t really benefit us but, they ready should put more money into the reconstruction of our streets.

    • I mean smooth streets that are driven on everyday shouldn’t be up for discussion whether if they should get fixed or not. this should be a no brainer.

  3. Great post! I like the points you stated but I do disagree that the city of Memphis should take care of this immediately. Yes, some of the roads are very bad and I catch myself having to avoid potholes weekly, but there are other problems that should be taken care of before the roads. Our schools need to be fixed, crime should be taken care of, new facilities should be built to reduce teen crime, etc. Although the roads are a problem I do not think they are something that should be fixed first.

  4. I totally understand where you are coming from. Just last week I had to replace my front tire on the driver side because of potholes. Their are some horrible roads in Memphis, and the city need to do some about that. By the way, you are right. It will make the city more safer.

  5. I couldn’t agree with you more the street in Memphis is very miss up. Every where i go there is a big pot hole in the streets. Memphis is not good getting things done when it need to be done. I think more we ask them to do something in Memphis it never get like sometimes they have old tires laying around the city. The pot hole in Memphis have damage many people cars in Memphis. Then the city don’t want to take of the damages of your car.

  6. I agree with this comment because Memphis need to do better about these roads that are damaging vehicles. I have ran into a hole in the road before and it caused plenty of damage. The process took so long and who you need to file the claim is a little difficulty.

  7. I agree! I can’t tell you how many people I know have gotten flatten tires, bent rims, and blowouts from messed up Memphis streets. Memphis has a lot of people…and a lot of cars. Which means the wear and tear of the roads is incredibly terrible. I wouldn’t mind paying more to help this cause.

  8. I completely concur that Memphis’ streets are in terrible shape. There are large words from letters potholes on the streets everywhere I walk. Memphis struggles to complete tasks as soon as they are due. I had to replace my front tire on the driver’s side just last week due to potholes. Memphis needs to take action since the city’s roadways are terrible.

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  15. The vitality of Memphis Streets is a crucial aspect of the city’s overall well-being. Their condition reflects the city’s vital signs, and it’s crucial to maintain and improve them for the benefit of its residents and visitors. Neglecting the streets’ upkeep can lead to negative impacts on the city’s economy, transportation, and public safety.

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