Memphis Streets….

Everywhere I drive almost, I see pot holes and damaged streets. This is an issue that every native want to be fixed. There has been so many car flats because of this issue. I recall one day while riding on the express way trying to avoid the damage parts of the road, later ran over a pot hole which caused my back tires to flatten. I think this issue in the city of  Memphis, has been going on for so long and again many people are affected by it. I remember hearing a complaint from a memphian  complain about this issue, and wanted some results. NOw I heard this on the news the summer of this year and there’s still no result. I have practically lived here all of my life and my parents mention how the roads has always been damage and reckless toward cars. I am so interested about this problem because I do believe it is important for every driver in this city to travel safe from one place to another. Even though I realize how expensive it may be, but apparently the city doesn’t have the funds to complete this problem.  Recently I researched how people are affected and what the city major is doing about this issue. And while reading I stumble across financial problems in Memphis stated by certain people that live in Memphis, and also they are getting a plan to fix the roads. Honestly this is probably my biggest problem in this city because wherever you drive the streets are terrible. Now with an exception of  the suburbs such as Germantown, and Arlington which is the area I stay. I do understand that those small communities have their separate intensities but without the city of Memphis there would not be a Arlington. So I feel as if everybody to should help in financial ways to pave the way for smooth streets for people to be safe.