Motor Vehicle Inspection

The city of Memphis has decided to close all the vehicle inspection station and allow us to just pay for our tags to register our vehicles. I’m not real happy with this decision for numerous reasons. With this decision means we will have more cars on our streets that are not fit to driven, and our air pollution will seemingly get worst. Our city officials are telling us that the city wasn’t making any money at the stations and the city was losing money operating the four stations around the city. The city wanted the county to take over the Inspection Maintenance program and Gov. Haslam said that the state would not provide assistance in the operation of the program. The on going “soap opera” of why county residents didn’t have to take their vehicles through inspection and the majority of the people living in the county actually work here in the city using the city streets and help pollute the city’s air it really doesn’t seem fair. With the city spending $2.7 million a year on testing and with no help from the county I do understand that point. The city’s Inspection Maintenance program is a partly federally approved plan to reduce pollution, losing this funding could cause the EPA could cut off federal highway funds. Although losing inspection process has made life so much easier for city patrons just go pay for your tags and keep driving. but what about the safety on the streets, what having safe vehicles on our roads. This situation to me seems like a quick fix to me,we should out source the inspection program. this way the city and county can stay within federal sanctions. If the private company can provide the service under the city, county and state guidelines its a win-win situation. We go back to having safer vehicles driven, the city and county are no longer in danger of losing federal funding and if the city and county could get a small percentage of the private company’s revenue the city and county would still make money from both city and county residents. This would make it a level playing field everybody pays, all parties get paid for services rendered. The city and county residents need more than one option of getting their vehicles inspected I believe the vehicle inspection process could be expanded  to where to services could be made a convince instead of being a inconvenience. Why not bring the vehicle inspection service to the residents home, or to the where ever the vehicle is located. This way resident wont have to worry about sitting in long lines or trying to make it to the inspection station before it closes. This type of mobile service would be a perfect move in moving the city forward, because our society is constantly moving toward convince. I’m surprised that we haven’t gone to begin able to perform vehicle inspection through our cell phones, oh wait that maybe coming soon.

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