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Podcast Kit

Podcast Kits Available for Checkout

During the pandemic, most people were forced inside their homes in unprecedented numbers. This lead many to discover new podcasts and even start their own as they looked to fill their free time. As you may already know, there are a multitude of podcasts available on any number of subjects: science, entertainment, finance, video games, the list goes on. And these podcasts are made by people at every skill level, professional and amateur. If you have an interest you are passionate about and want to create your own podcast, whether it be for a class, a side hustle, or just for fun, McWherter Library is now offering a great way to start your journey. The Circulation Department is offering podcast kits that include a Blue Yeti microphone with USB connector cord, a pair of studio headphones, and a webcam (for all you vloggers out there). It will be a nonrenewable three day check out if you want to give it a try. We here in the Sandbox Creatorspace also recommend using programs like Audacity or Adobe Audition to record if using a PC and Garage Band for the Macintosh crowd. Hopefully, this will help you begin your own podcast adventure so you can join the ever-growing conversation of this burgeoning world.

Watch for Future Maker Mondays

Maker Monday: ROCK OUT!

Are you a guitar aficionado? Someone learning to play in their spare time? Or maybe just someone that enjoys cool tech and memorabilia? This coming Monday, September 26, the Sandbox Creatorspace at McWherter Library will be hosting its first Maker Monday event of the Fall Semester: ROCK OUT! We will be guiding you through the process of making your very own guitar pick with the library’s Glowforge Laser Cutter. We will also have a SpecDrum kit to explore if you want to just relax and make your own beats. If you are interested, sign up here so your spot is reserved. Also feel free to drop by the day of, explore what the Sandbox has to offer, and create your own musical memories.

Database Spotlight: Gale Virtual Reference Library/Gale eBooks

When starting off with a research project, where’s the first place (after class notes and lecture) you turn to for more information? I think most of us would answer “Wikipedia.” (Librarians use Wikipedia, too!) However, most instructors discourage citing Wikipedia. Luckily, you have access to many online scholarly reference collections that can be cited as background information for your project! Continue reading

the sandbox. Needs your Help!

The University Libraries’ is pleased to announce its first MomentUM campaign to expand the sandbox. in McWherter Library!

MomentUM is the University of Memphis crowdfunding platform for community fundraising. Crowdfunding offers you the chance to donate directly to projects that are important to you. Your donation will help McWherter Library provide new technology and technology-related workshops to our students. Many of our students are working on innovative, interdisciplinary projects that require these kinds of resources, but they might not have access to them elsewhere. Workshops will help students learn how to use the technologies so that they can jump ahead on the learning curve and focus on their work.


Every donation counts!