Veterans Day 2021

Written by Benjamin Clanton, Government Publications

The Government Publications Department here at McWherter Library is proud to call attention to Veterans Day every year in order to honor all of those who have served in the branches of the United States military, including the brave soldiers that have given the ultimate sacrifice. This year, I wanted to bring attention to the journals and magazines published by these various branches that are on offer in our section. These publications offer both perspective on the role of the military in the history of this nation, as well its evolution in present day and as we move into the future. Here are a few examples of the newer journals that we receive on a regular basis.

Army History and Marine Corps History

As a former history major, I am interested in all manners of study into our nation’s past and development over the past two and half centuries. This includes examinations of how the U.S. military has shaped the story of our country. Army History, published by the U.S. Army Center of Military History, provides a wide variety of articles examining the history of the U.S. armed forces. Covering battles and advances in military history on a variety of conflicts, including the American Civil War and the myriad wars of the 20th century, this journal does an excellent job of providing the reader with in-depth historical analysis, beautiful photographs, and detailed maps of past battles involving the United States Army. Another great feature are book reviews of new studies pertinent to the U.S. military, covering subjects from the nation’s founding all the way up to modern day.

A nice companion to Army History comes from another branch of the U.S. military in Marine Corps History. Published by the History Division of the Marine Corps University, this peer-reviewed journal offers a wide array of articles on the history of the United States Marine Corps. These offerings not only cover the combat aspect of the Marines, but also provide intimate portraits of individuals that have played a vital role in the evolution of this branch. Beyond these primary articles, the journal also contains review essays and shorter book reviews. But perhaps my favorite aspect of this journal are the covers. Each issue features a wonderful piece of artwork displaying the bravery of American Marines as they fulfill their duties.

Military Review

If you are looking for an examination of the modern role of the U.S. military and its potential future, look no further than Military Review, which describes itself as “the professional journal of the U.S. Army.” Like the other two journals, it shows in its bimonthly issues that the U.S. military is much more than just combat and warfare. Examples of articles that appear in this expertly produced journal include deep dives into the role of the U.S. military both today and moving forward in a more advanced and interconnected world; for example, a particularly interesting examination looks in to the ever-developing role of the Army into cyberwarfare, something that has only become an increasing threat in recent history. This displays the efforts of the American armed forces to stay on the cutting edge of emerging technological advancements. It also provides studies into the rapidly changing geopolitical climate that the U.S. military must navigate in the 21st century.

These are but a few of the journals offered by the Government Publications Department. I would encourage anyone interested in military subjects, both historical and ongoing, to visit the current journals shelf by the Government Reading Room near the front of our section. Also, there are a number of periodicals from years past in the collection that are worth a look as well. We are always available to give interested patrons more information on these valuable resources. Finally, if you are in the library, drop by the wonderful Veterans Day display curated by Betsy Eckert, which features a variety of items that are on offer from the Government Publications Department. You can also access a number of related government and historical resources at our newly updated Honoring Veterans Libguide on the library’s website.

I echo the sentiments of so many Americans in thanking those that have served in our nation’s armed forces throughout the years, both in peacetime and in war. It is a day to honor all of their sacrifices and to remember their service to this country.

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