Therapy Dogs at the Library

We are so lucky to have had three groups of therapy dogs in the library over Finals Week this year. Thank you to West TN Therapy Dogs for being so gracious with your time and dogs.

This is the the 4th year that McWherter has had therapy dogs during finals. Students love to sit down for an hour and pet all the dogs, and research shows that petting a dog lowers both stress and blood pressure. Over the course of three days we had 10 different dogs and over a hundred students to visit the dogs. We all had such a great time and look forward to it again next year. Take a look at all the happiness!

Find Your Perfect Study Space @ McWherter

It is officially the last day of class! What does that mean? It is time to get start studying. McWherter Library has the perfect study space for you to survive this finals season.

We have Group Study Rooms on the 3rd and 4th Floors, equipped with electrical outlets, internet access, and dry erase boards. Study Carrels are also on the 3rd and 4th Floors, must be reserved,  and have electrical outlets along with a small desk and chair. The North side of the 4th Floor is designated a completely Silence Space with individual study desk, if you need to complete silence.

Looking for a more collaborative group space? Try the Fishbowl on the 1st Floor. The Fishbowl can be reserved, holds up to 25, and has a TV with laptop connection capabilities and white board.


The Learning Commons on the first floor will also be open 24 HOURS April 26th-May 2.

If we can help you find your perfect study space, let us know!