“The South Through My Eyes”

The south is a very unique place to live and I do not think there is anything like it anywhere else out there in the world. It is a place where family comes before anything and your always willing to help a friend in need. We do a lot of things different from everybody else such as the food we eat, what we do for fun, how we treat others, and the clothes we wear. In the south you see a guy or girl in camouflage it is like a normal thing but in the north you would be looked down upon for wearing that. We go hunting like it is a ritual and opening day of hunting season is like a southern holiday and pretty much everybody is in the woods on that day. If you are southern then you got to love getting after them catfish and having that pole go bump. Food is a big part of our lifestyle we can put down some food and to me I think our food is ten times better than the north food or anywhere else. Our food is very particular and unique such as fried pickles, crawfish, fried anything food, and wild game food. Family and friends are a big part of the lifestyle and what makes our southern states so great. Holidays are big for us cause it is a time to get away from the workforce and just spend time with the ones you love. You always are willing to give the shirt off your back to anyone in need and always are offering that helping hand. Having fun is a part of us even for adults that never gets old your always looking for something to do such as getting after the mudhole, fishing, hunting, or sports. I have been up north for vacation but it just seems like it is a boring environment with no interactions with your neighbors. One of the best things about living in the south is the southern bells that will make you stop and drop your jaw. I think we have some of the most beautiful girls out there cause like they say there is not nothing like a southern girl cause she will make your whole world change. Front porch sitting and picking a little guitar is a ritual here with a cold glass of sweet tea or hell even a cold beer beside you. The front porch is like a sacred place for southern people where we can go and clear our minds just think about what is to come. We have been characterized as some front porch junkies and if that is what you label us then you pretty much hit it on the head with a hammer. Dirt road riding with buddies and talking about deer hunting or whatever else is on our minds that is going on in life. I could not imagine life without the south and all these great things that is in the south that makes it so great.

Welcome to Dirty South

Welcome to SOCI 3420, Sociology of the South! This course examines the history, identity, culture, and experience of the South and southerners, with particular attention to the ways in which inequality, both within the region and between the region and the rest of the U.S., shapes regional outcomes.

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