A missing father in her life can be detrimental

LIfe is very interesting for women in the south that grew up in a broken home. When a father is missing in young women life, young women thirst from not having there father, or a male figure in their life to help guide them,  and make life saving decisions, and teach them how to love a man. When daddy is not home, women will look for love in many wrong places, and will receive love from a man that doesn’t know how to love a woman.  Women with no father began to prostitute, strip for money, lead men on, and leave at the dime of a hat due to her not knowing how to love a man, or she will love a man the best way she know how, only to find the men will break her heart, and leave anyway.Men will take advantage of this women because he knows she is missing the nutrients, and the substance, and the love that she need from her father. Men will display many violent behavior, and domestic violence, due to the lack of control of the males emotions, and the woman’s emotions, and the fact the man she loves knows her teachings from her broken home are not good enough for her to leave, once signs of negative behavior are displayed the first time.  Its very common for men in the south to learn how to beat on women, because thats the behavior that was displayed in their home as an adolescent  through his teenage years although this is no excuse.  Women will breed babies with these men that doesn’t have a vision for themselves, or plans to keep his family together, and violent men. As time goes on she will learn certain men are not for her,because he doesn’t have the desire to move up in life, or he can’t feed her soul, or  feed her intellect, or maybe he’s not showing signs of getting better, or doesn’t desire to get better, and most of all love her with open arms. As a women goes through so many bad experiences  with man, due to the absents of her father, she will began to see better for herself, and stop blaming the absents of her father. She will take responsibility for her own actions,and began to rise like the flower from the grass in which God intended for her. The woman began to learn what she wants in life, such as higher education, a better living for herself, and her offspring, forgiving her father for his absents,working on herself to become a better person, she began to pursue a career, she desires self fulfillment within her own self, and not some man that pretends to lover her. Once this special woman stop her focus on love from a man, and ask God humbly, (the source) to guide her and love her, the real loving man that has her best interest will walk into her life at the right time to love her, and provide guidance for her, and her offspring. fathers should be aware of  the toll that life will take on his baby girl, so fathers please step up and step in, so she can rise like the flower from the grass, and not from the hard concrete, either way she will rise.