Child welfare case managers wear many different hats and have different responsibilities.  Being a front line case manager you must have a true passion for helping children and families.  The main responsibility of a case manager is overseeing that children grow in a safe and loving family environment where he or she can thrive and flourish. It is the case manager’s duty to protect children, strengthen families, and ensure that support is provided to properly care for children.  Case managers must enter communities; involve schools, courts, faith-based agencies, and volunteers to effectively attain an established goal.   Working as a team, listening to diverse views, putting forth customer service skills, being responsive, and maintaining accountability is significant to a solid resolution.

            The Department of Children Services main responsibilities regarding Child Protective Services are investigating any allegations and referrals of child abuse or neglect, making an assessment of issues that lead to the mistreatment, setting an intervention in motion to reduce the risks of mistreatment, evaluating the outcome of services, and closing the case or reuniting the child/children with their families.  The Department of Children Services also has an obligation to educate children, parents/ guardians on reporting abuse of any kind to the nationwide child abuse hotline.

            Another essential responsibility that the Department of Children Services has regarding the Juvenile Justice Division is to assist youth that have been sentenced by the juvenile courts for delinquent offenses.  Case managers have to make sure that all the children’s needs are met with services from probation, supervision, and secure residential placements.  DCS must monitor day-to-day services throughout the division, and provide treatment and rehabilitation to children and adolescents that were placed into state’s custody.  DCS has Youth Development Centers for males and G4S Services for females.

            Providing temporary or foster care for children is another essential component of the Department of Children Services.  Children that need these services are in homes with parents/guardians that are unable or unwilling to provide a safe and stable environment. In the event that these services are needed, DCS must recruit foster families that provide stable and supportive homes.  Children need to know that they are loved to ensure emotional, physical, and social growth. Foster care is a temporary service but if parents/guardians do not create a safe and nurturing environment for the return of the child/children, then permanent options such as adoption or independent living arrangements will be made according to the child/children ages.

            I have an interest in pursuing a career in child welfare because I know that I can make a difference in individuals’ lives.  I am compassionate about all people but those that are in need of assistance have a special place in my heart.  Although working for the Department of Children Services will present varying challenges and privileges; I am ready to face them.  I want to share and provide knowledge and experiences that will assist in motivating parents and children in the surmounting of obstacles. Becoming a case manager would be an excellent opportunity as I am striving to obtain a meaningful and fulfilling occupation, not simply a job. It would truly be a pleasure and an honor to join the DCS family.

Becoming an effective child welfare worker will take continuous exposure, growth, and development in all areas as I believe that practice makes perfect in every situation.  My previous psychological studies have embedded knowledge that I look forward to applying and further developing upon with prospect opportunities. I believe that internships and shadowing fellow child welfare workers are abundant methods of full exposure, growth, and development as a student.


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