A Factory Owner’s Paradise

During the 1950s northern factory owners faced a problem. They were loosing money and workers. Unions, taxes, and education had started to eat away at their pockets. They were forces to move, but where to? As the owner of a major factory one has to always try to maximize profits. There are a host of things to consider when expanding your business. Factors such as location, worker skill, amount of labor, and unions. We have to find a place that can fulfill these factors. The American South sounds like a winner to me. Their is a abundance of rural land that can be developed into a powerful factory. We can do two options with the location. We can build the factory in the center of the land and make the rest of the land into a small town that we provide everything. We can build a grocery store, drug store, and maybe a bowling alley to give the workers something to do. We will also build housing that we will provide “free” of charge. We can send their most of their “checks” directly to the stores we provide so that they can get the things they need. This potentially can keep crime right low because people will not carry around a lot of cash. Option two is to build the factory near a city and have people drive to the job. We will have to pay them more because of the commute.

The South has a work force that is a owner’s dream. Everyone is desperate to work so we can offer low wages and they will accept. Their is a large population so placement will not be a issue. Many workers are illiterate so production will be slow in the beginning because of job training. The positive side of this is that we can turn these people into specialize for the company limiting their skills so they can depend on us. When we limit their skills to just fit our job requirements we also decrease the risk of strikes. Factory owners have a huge advantage over the workers. The workers in this area are not use to these type of labor. The South’s main labor was agriculture. The factory environment is a totally different from fielding the lands. The work conditions was horrible and dangerous, but southerners did not know the difference. They were not given benefits and children were also sought out to work.

Unions are the biggest factor when running a factory. We do not like Unions! I repeat we do not like Unions! Unions are a deal breaker. They have so many demands and try to turn workers against owners. Unions ask for too many benefits and try to add rules to the factory. If we can not agree to terms they organize strikes costing the company money. The factory can not function well with a union in place.

The South is a paradise for opening and running a productive factory. The rural area offers acres of room to build and develop factory. If the factory is built in the center factory owners can create small towns for its workers to reside. If the factory is built near a town the jobs will pay more to get you to travel to and from work. The workforce is huge and has low education, owners can mold them in the way they want. No Unions they are deal busters! They cause to many problems.

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