Fall 23 and Spring 24 Advisor Trainings

Fall 2023 Training Schedule

CAS Advising Kickoff will at Lambuth next year so please make plans to attend. We would also like to promote our online majors and minors at Lambuth so we will do a fair from 10  to 11 am  followed by the kickoff at 11:30 am. Collaboration and team work with Lambuth is essential so we are asking all departments to share a table with their Lambuth counterpart during the fair.

Sept 8th – Advising Kickoff At Lambuth

Oct 6th  –  Global Tech Experience with Angela Martin, Updates in World Languages with Robert Kelz,

Nov 3rd  –     CPOS, Career Services

Spring 2024

Feb 2nd – topic TBA

March 1st – topic TBA

April 5th – topic TBA



Students with financial holds who need to drop Spring 2023 classes

If you have a student who wants to drop a class or classes for Spring 2023 and they have a financial hold preventing them from doing so, please tell them to put in a Tiger Help ticket to the Registrar’s Office and we can do it administratively on their behalf. No approval is needed for Spring 2023 drops since if they did not have a financial hold, they would be able to drop themselves through April 8, which is our new 75 percent mark of the term for dropping classes online.


The financial holds recently were applied to block future term registrations (prior to Summer and Fall registration), but the system is an “all or none” so if there is a financial hold, Spring 2023 term is impacted as well.


Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you!


Merging Advertising and Public Relations majors

Hello AAN!

The Department of Journalism and Strategic Media has merged its Advertising and Public Relations majors, effective the 2023 catalog. This merger has resulted in the merger of 8 courses into four. Most of these merged classes effect majors and minors, so if you have issues with a minor, please refer your student to me and I will assist them.

However, ADVR 3300 – Intro to Advertising and PBRL 3400 – Intro to Public Relations are popular upper-division electives across the university and are required by some programs outside of the Department of Journalism and Strategic Media.

ADVR 3300 and PBRL 3400 both will be offered this summer, online. The courses are live in the schedule now.

 In the fall, ADVR 3300 and PBRL 3400 are merged into STRM 3200 – Intro to Strategic Media. STRM 3200 can count as a substitution for either ADVR 3300 or PBRL 3400. If students need additional substitutions, please contact me and I will help problem solve on a case-by-case basis.



Matthew J. Haught, Ph.D.
Associate Professor | Assistant Chair
Department of Journalism & Strategic Media
The University of Memphis
334B Meeman Journalism Building
Memphis, TN 38152901.678.4521 | memphis.edu/jrsm


Difference between Open Electives and Unapplied Electives

per Keri Kerr in the Registrar office

The Open electives are the number of credits still needed to make up the 120 total.  These are the true electives needed for the degree.  It calculates the number of required electives by taking 120 and subtracting the credits in required blocks like GenEd, major, concentration. Whatever is left to make up the 120 is Open electives.

The Unapplied electives are courses that are over the elective credits needed for the 120.   Any courses that are taken that do not fall into a requirement or the open electives category are Unapplied electives.   The student still receives credit in Banner for all electives though.


Courses being taught in English by World Languages and Literatures Faculty

Fall 2023
Courses being taught in English
by World Languages and Literatures Faculty

INTL 3700: State of the World
[MW 12:40-2:05; CRN 96346; Imbedded Honors section: 96347; permit required for both]
An examination of current world issues that may be political, social, economic, or cultural in nature. The emphasis is on gaining a diverse perspective on a variety of issues currently affecting our world, and how they are being portrayed across different media. Students will investigate subjects they find personally or professionally relevant. Class sessions will include discussions of current international news events, and of issues affecting a particular geographical region or a topic of transglobal implications.

LALI 4500: Japanese Culture and Society
[TR 9:40-11:05; CRN 93771]
Study of Japanese culture through hands-on activities along with reading and creating media resources on traditional, popular, and business culture of Japan. Through critical reading of the materials and classroom activities, students will develop critical perspectives and deeper understanding of Japanese culture, its traditions, and social practices.

LALI 4797: French Africa and North America
[TR 1:00-2:25; CRN 96273]
This course is designed for students who wish to further their knowledge of the French-Speaking world around them by looking at cultural conflicts in French-Speaking Africa and North America. This course will look at cultural issues and their implications in the contemporary world, including France and the Negritude movement, education and culture in Africa, the Maghreb and postcolonial Arabization, the complicated cultural relations with France, and Quebec’s conflict with language and religion. No knowledge of French required.

LALI 4798: Game of Thrones and the Middle Ages
[MW 2:20-3:45; CRN 96283]
Game of Thrones was one of the most successful series in recent television history. Roughly based on George R.R. Martin’s series of fantasy novels “A Song of Ice and Fire,” it portrays the violent struggles for power and independence between individuals, kingdoms, dynasties and continents and built on a long tradition of reinterpreting and reimagining the Middle Ages. But what are the Middle Ages? Through analysis both of the hit TV series and of the Medieval historical, literary, and philosophical texts it uses to build its world, this class will explore the many sides of this complex period of history and its continued legacy in our own time.

Feb 3, 2023 Advisor Training

Dear Advisors,


Thank you so much for attending today’s training. We shared great information about the ARMY minor, CPOS and creating generic plans for students who have not registered. Attached is the PowerPoint and the recording.

PowerPoint – Advisor Training Feb 3


Our next meeting is scheduled for March 3rd at 1 pm in Smith Hall Computer Lab, 110. Please send any agenda items or topics you would like to see discussed.




CAS Spring Advisor Training Dates

CAS Advisor Training Dates in Smith 110 at 1 pm.

Spring 2023

Feb 3

March 3

April 7


Spring Preview Day – April 1

Prerequisite Checking For English Classes

Hello AAN,

I’d like to describe the English Department’s prerequisite checking process to you in case you receive questions from your advisees.

As you know:

  • ENGL 1010 (or its equivalent) with a grade of C minus or higher is a prereq for ENGL 1020.
  • ENGL 1010 and 1020 (or their equivalents) with a grades of C minus or higher are prereqs for ENGL 2201/2202

After grades are official, the Registrar’s Office runs a report that pulls the names of all students who are registered for a class but do not meet the prerequisite.  There are a few reasons why a student ends up on the list, the most likely being that they failed the previous course in the series.  For example, a student taking ENGL 1010 in Fall registered to take ENGL 1020 in Spring, but didn’t pass ENGL 1010 with at least a C minus.  If they are still registered for Spring’s offering of ENGL 1020, they will show up on the prereq check report and I will subsequently submit their name to the Registrar’s Office to be dropped for not fulfilling the prereq for ENGL 1020 (more on that in a minute).

Other reasons why students are on the list:

  • Incompletes
    • The student was given an Incomplete in the previous course in the series. In this situation the student MUST complete the course to be allowed to continue on to the next course because an Incomplete is not a passing grade. So although the student has 45 days to complete a course when given an Incomplete (or, effective Sp 23, they will have a full term), if they want to take the next English class in the series they will need to complete the prereq course by the last day of regular registration (for Spring 2023, that’s Jan 13).  Or, if they need the full amount of time to complete the course, they can delay taking the next course in the series.
  • Incoming transfer students
    • The student was given a permit because either (1) their transcripts have not been uploaded, or (2) they are still completing the prereq course at their transfer school.  In this situation the student will need to show a passing grade in the prereq course by the last day of regular registration.  If their final transcript from the previous school will not arrive in time, they can send an unofficial copy to me.

Sometimes students who do have prereqs end up on the report, for example, if a student has an approved substitution for ENGL 1010 but Banner doesn’t recognize it as meeting the prerequisite for ENGL 1020, they will be on the report. This means that the record of every student on the report is checked to determine whether or not to drop.  Before dropping students they are notified and given instructions for alternate courses. For example, the student registered for ENGL 1020 that didn’t pass ENGL 1010 will be encouraged to sign up for ENGL 1010 in Spring so that they repeat it as soon as possible.  I also include a line about reaching out to their advisors if they have additional concerns/questions about their schedule.

After students are notified of the intent to drop them I send the list to the Registrar’s Office, and they process the drops.

If a student has an Incomplete or still needs to submit a transcript, they are notified that they must complete the course or produce the transcript by the last day of regular registration to avoid being dropped.

So drops for Spring typically happen in two waves:

  • those who failed the prereq course are dropped in December
  • those who had Incompletes or missing transcripts but don’t resolve those issues by the last day of regular registration are dropping in January


2023 CAS Scholarships & Awards dates

CAS Dept. Chairs, Directors, Advisors,

Please be aware of and publicize these important Spring dates in your departments:


Dates for CAS & Department Scholarships:

Jan. 31 — student applications for CAS & Dept. scholarships due in Tiger Scholarship Manager

mid-Feb. — Dept. scholarship review committees start reviewing applications

March 31 — scholarship committee selections (and alternates) due to Ron Serino


Dates for CAS Honors Assembly Awards:

March 14 — Dean’s Outstanding Student nominations due to Ron Serino (nomination letter, recommendation letter, and student letter)

March 22 — Department awardee names for Honors Assembly due to Ron Serino

April 20, 730pm in Rose Theatre — Honors Awards Assembly


​*Please remind your students, faculty, and staff that applications for

CAS department and CAS-wide scholarships for the 2023-2024 academic year are

due Jan. 31, 2023:


*Find CAS department and CAS-wide scholarships list on the CAS website (https://www.memphis.edu/cas/scholarships/.


*All scholarship applications should go through the Tiger Scholarship Manager system (https://memphis.academicworks.com/) on the UofM Scholarship Office website (https://www.memphis.edu/scholarships/).


Final application due date is Jan. 31, but don’t wait too long to compile any supplemental information or letters of recommendation (if needed).


If anyone has any CAS or departmental scholarship or Honors Assembly award questions, please let me know.


Thank you and best wishes to all for a good new year in 2023!

New Policy Regarding Repeats of ENGL 1010 & ENGL 1020

This week the English Department has been working with the Registrar’s Office on a new policy.  We’re still awaiting final approval of the language of the policy from the Provost, but because it’s time sensitive we want to distribute it to you as soon as possible in case it will benefit any students who are registered for Spring 2023.  If you are aware of any students who were incorrectly advised to take ENGL 1010 and 1020 and then subsequently earned a grade lower than a C minus in that attempt, they may qualify to have that attempt excluded from their record if they have credit for the course from an earlier attempt or test score.  Here’s how the policy currently reads:

“Students who have ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020 transfer work or test scores under review / in progress for U of M credit posting, and who are advised to take ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020 and score a grade of D or lower in a later attempt, may petition with the Registrar’s Office to have the later attempt excluded. Additionally, students who were advised at the former institution and had a situation similar with ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020 prior to transfer may also petition. The latter attempts of ENGL 1010 or ENGL must have occurred within three years of the AP score test date if the AP score is to be considered.

An email can be sent to Darla Keel at darkeel@memphis.edu to review the circumstances. If approved, the Registrar’s Office will update the repeats in Banner to reflect the earlier attempt as the official, final grade. This will allow students to be able to progress with courses that may require ENGL 1010 or ENGL 1020 as a pre-requisite and count the satisfactory attempt(s) towards graduation requirements.”

Please let me know if you have any questions.




Ms. Bridget Wells
Assistant to the Chair & Dept Registrar

Department of English