Academic Fresh Start Changes

Changes to the Academic Fresh start Form – Effective Nov 1, 2022,

For Academic Fresh Start, there are two main changes.

  1. Previously, students were limited to apply for Academic Fresh Start one year of re-entry to the University of Memphis. That stipulation has been removed because students are not always informed during the first year of the program. Now students can apply for Academic Fresh Start once they learn about it, even after the first year.
  2. The process is initiated by the academic advisor who will submit an Academic Fresh Start Application, The submitter of the form does not have to check or confirm eligibility at the time of submission. The Registrar’s Office will review the student’s record to ensure all requirements are met.

When will the changes be effective?

  • If approved the changes will go into effect after the census enrollment date.


  • The student’s University of Memphis transcript will note that an Academic Fresh Start was granted and the effective date.


Note: students who have earned an associate’s degree are still eligible.

Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS)

For students who complete the course, the Admissions office will enter SAILS credit like the Accuplacer credit on SOATEST. If the placement level is missing or the student mentions that they took the course advisors should notify the Admissions office. Call (901-678-2111) or email Admissions and they will check the state portal to confirm and post it.

From: Eric Bailey (eabailey) <>
Sent: Friday, November 18, 2022 4:32 PM
To: Academic Advising Network <>
Subject: Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS)

Dear AAN,

The Seamless Alignment and Integrated Learning Support (SAILS) is excited to introduce a new statistics-based course into the high school curriculum that will allow students to begin their higher education career prepared for credit-bearing coursework. Please be aware that our mathematical sciences department at the UofM has reviewed the SAILS Statistics course TBR has developed and has approved it as a prerequisite for MATH 1530. Students who complete SAILS Statistics should be eligible to enroll in Math 1530: Introduction to Probability & Statistics without additional math placement testing.





Eric Bailey II, EdD, MBA (he/him/his)
Assistant Vice President
Division of Student Academic Success
The University of Memphis
231 Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152

901.678.5271 |

UMDegree Calculating Elective Hours

http://UM Degree Calculating Elective Hours 10.20.2022.mp4

This video created by Lisa Warmath at Lambuth shows how to calculate the remaining elective hours for a student. This is beneficial in determining a students graduation term and the what courses the student will need to take their final semesters.

American Sign Language, AMSL 2020

Currently, the American Sign Language minor requires AMSL 1010, 1020, and 2010 (formerly AUSP 1010, 1020, and 2010) for the lower division core requirements. We understand that some students who have declared ASL as their minor would like to use those courses to satisfy the BA language requirement. To do that, they need 6 hours at the 2000 level, yet AMSL 2020 is not currently required for the minor. We do not want students to be hindered by this requirement, so we recommend that students enroll in AMSL 3020 – Advanced Fingerspelling – which focuses on language skills to serve as an alternative for AMSL 2020 and to satisfy the upper division requirements for the minor.

AAN –  For clarification, substituting AMSL 3020 for AMSL 2020 will only apply to the small number of students who are currently AMSL minors who don’t take AMSL 2020 as part of the minor program, since it is currently not required.

Students who are not ASL minors or majors and are taking AMSL only to fulfill the language requirement will still need to take AMSL 2020.

Proposals for the 2023-2024 catalog will reflect changes that will make it easier for ASL minors to use these lower division courses to satisfy the BA language requirement.

Nudges in Navigate

The campaigns feature in Navigate has something called Nudges. This “nudge”  is an email reminder that will go to your advisees who have not yet scheduled all appointments. During my time in CCFA, I would set my appointment limit 3 in order to allow for no shows and cancellations. This is not the best practice.

Instead, if a student is marked as No Show or Cancels an appointment, they will be allowed to reschedule using the campaign link. There is no need to allow for 3 appointments to account for no shows/cancellations.

I believe the nudges will continue to go to all students who have not scheduled all appointments. So if you leave the campaign for 3 appointments, those who have only scheduled 1 or 2 appointments would still get the nudges.

Only allow for 1 campaign appointment and just be sure students who don’t show up are marked as No Show or their appointment is marked as Cancelled if they let you know in advance that they won’t be attending.


Center for Academic Retention and Enrichment Services, CARES Recap



Students who are on probation or returning from suspension are strongly encouraged to meet with a CARES representative. In the past, this office had a negative stigma as a place where students are sent when they are in trouble.



The CARES office is rebranding itself to be a safety net for students a risk. They want to help students be successful. Please encourage your students who are on probation or returning from suspension to work with them.


Academic Status

There are four academic statuses.

  1. Warning
  2. Probation
  3. Suspension
  4. Good Standing

Student on probation or (returning from ) suspension are encourage to meet with a CARES represnt



CARES has a three-fold mission:

  1. Increase retention and graduation rates
  2. Maximize ACAD success components by connecting students to resources
  3. Help students identify and overcome personal challenges through intrusive advising


Meeting with CARES

Students meet with a CARES representative bi-weekly. The meetings cover a variety of topics such as academic accountability, notetaking, time management and other study skills.


Two GPAs determine a student’s standing, Term and Overall. If either GPA falls below 2.0, it will shift the academic standing. If a student has a low GPA, it may take several semesters to raise it to a 2.0. The academic status each term for this student would be Probation if the GPA is improving but still under 2.0. The term we use in the office is COP, Continuing on Probation.



When you see this term on the transcript or UMDegree it means “Returning from” Suspension. The first-time suspension occurs, the student must sit out for one term, the second time, the student is out for one year, the third time, the CARES committee will review the file and make a decision if the student can be readmitted or not. This is a case-by-case basis. Every student has the option to appeal their suspension.


SAP, Satisfactory Progress Appeal

This is a financial aid process. Students violate the terms of SAP if they receive the following grades:

W – Withdrawals

I – Incompletes

F – F grades

Students have three SAP appeals before they are no longer eligible for financial aid.


ACAD 2200, Probation First Time

Student with the academic status of Probation First Time or P1 are required to complete the online, zero credit, self-paced ACAD 2200 course. There are six modules which focus on skills necessary to be successful in college. The P1 academic status is the step between warning and suspension.  All P1s are encouraged to attend coaching sessions.  Students with earned hours 0-59 and on Academic Warning will see Dr. Meghan Pfeiffer in Academic Coaching for Excellence (ACE). Student with 60 or more earned hours will see Ms. Cathy Horton in CARES.



The CARES office puts notes in Navigate.


Early Alerts

If you as the advisor have address the early alert with your student and it has been resolved, you are welcome to close the case.

Missing Transfer Work? Slate Access

Any time a transfer course is missing from a student transcript, take the following steps:

  1. Check the Materials Tab in Slate to see if the transcript has arrived
    1. Need access to Slate? Here is the form:
    2. Slate website:
  2. Email the Admission Analyst to request to have the work posted. This list is constantly updated to check with the CAS Dean’s office to make sure you have the most current list.              Analyst Alpha Breakdown-5-1-22
  3. Example email to Analyst is below. Note: If you are looking for a specific course, list the transfer course and title, ex. POLS 1010, Intro to Political Science

Email Subject: Student Name U00000000

Dear Analyst,

When you have a moment, would you please post transfer credit from Columbia State Community College from the Spring 2021 semester?

Thank  you.



AAN Meeting Oct 19, 2022 Tiger Smart Start

AAN Recap

Topics Discussed:

  1. Center for International Educational Services presentation – Bethany Purdunte,
  2. Tiger SmartStart – Amanda Lowe,, FAQs

PowerPoint Presentations



Center for International Educational Services presentation – Bethany Purdunte,

Serve only F-1 Visa students

  • Must be registered for 12 hours for undergrad
  • Must be registered in 9 hours for grad
  • Can take ONLY 1 online course per semester unless otherwise approved due to course offerings.

Work Options

  • Students attending with an F-1 Visa can work on campus up to 20hrs per week
  • F-1 visa students CAN do an internship. As long as they receive academic credit for the experience, they can work off site! CPT/OPT Program (slide 6 for link to law and description)

Health Insurance

  • F-1 Visa holders must have insurance, the IES team assists students. If you advise an international student that has a hold due to insurance, refer the student to the Center for International Services to get it resolved.

Tiger SmartStart – Amanda Lowe,General Manager, Certified Textbook Trainer. ​Phone: (901) 678-2011 Ext 3976

Tiger Smart Start will go into effect for Spring 2023. The $24 per credit hour is a rental fee. Students will return the books at the end of the semester. At that point, they will have the option to buy the books. Full time students now only spend $360 based on 15 credit hours.

All students are automatically enrolled. Students must choose to opt out and should speak with their advisor to see if this is the best chose for them. Student cannot cherry pick the books. It’s either all in our all out. Jan 27 is the last day to opt out.

Student can make choices or delivery method of opt out beginning 30 days prior to the start of classes.

Student will follow 5 steps:

  1. Register for class
  2. Verify materials
  3. Select fulfillment methods
  4. Receive materials –
    1. Students decides how they want to receive the materials, either pick them up from the book store or have them mailed to their house.
    2. Access codes will be automatically loaded to Canvas
  5. End of term: Return Materials

Summer 2023 NSO Dates

You can begin planning for Summer NSO. Our college will see transfer students. Those dates are attached and posted below. I will continue to send you the lists of students how have been newly admitted. It desirable to get them advised prior to the NSO date.

Transfer Orientation is May 16th and July 26th.

Lambuth NSO is July 27th (freshmen) and August 8th  (freshmen and transfer).

Summer 2023 NSO Dates_share