When you no longer can trust the People who ” Protect and Serve”


In the recent aftermath of Protest in Ferguson, you got to wonder do the police still see themselves as part of the community. The way the  police handled the case of Micheal Brown Shooting, and the treatment of the protest let you know which side they chose to upheld. Another problem that also could be look at  is the demographics of Ferguson itself.Race has made this incident more divide and gave more incite on why this could happen. In Ferguson, the black population is the majority while the white population is the minority, but the the city council and police officers are majority white. The non-representation of the black community and blatant targeting of black community by the officers has build a level of distrust that was going to burst at any major event that effect the black community, and sadly it had to be the shooting of a young black man by a officer.  In the Micheal Brown Case the built so much distrust simply by trying to hide everything from public view. It could have been handle ten time better if the information about the the shooting  was in public view so that no doubts or hastily drawn conclusion could cloud peoples judgments. You have to hold value to the phrase, ” Innocent until proven Guilty” and the officer in the situation should have a fair investigation in the shooting, but this also goes for Micheal Brown. There should be no shade or slander thrown on both parties and that both the officer and Micheal past should not be brought up to be use as reason to give justification for anything. The police simply side with the officer in the situation and use underhanded tactics such as drawing a negative image of Micheal Brown and describe the merit of the officer. There can be not just plain black and white line drawn in this situation and there must be non biased view to get the truth.  Even with how bad the case was handle, one of the most major misuse of power and judgement by and public official was how the Ferguson police department handle the protest of the Micheal Brown Case. People have the right to protest, just as officers have power to break up and stop unruly protesting and rioting due to protesting. The Ferguson police had not reason to to use such heavy handed fear and horrible unnecessary force crowd control tactics. There was no need for the police  to have on more armor then our soldiers in hostile environmental, nor was there any reason for them to walk up and down the streets pointing fully automatic weapons at unarmed civilians. Even the language the police use threatening people was force was uncalled for. They treated the people that pay them and the people they gave oath to protect as insurgents. The United States Military has stricter rules and conduct for their soldiers in other countries that our own police violated on there own people for no reason. So there is no reason for the people of Ferguson to be able to trust the police when the police cannot not do what the suppose to do or when the police to do even trust the people.