shelby co. school children not going to school.. whos fault?

When you were younger do you remember someone coming to your house if you missed too many days of school? In Shelby Co. as of Friday, September 12, 2014, 2,500 children have not shown up to school since it started in August. Shelby Co. schools say that number is so big they cannot send a truancy officer to all 2,500 children’s homes. So how do we fix the problem and whose fault is it that the children are not in school? Well in my opinion the parents are at fault. As a parent you decide what the child does and does not do, and school is one of those decisions. I think maybe we could fine the parents somehow if there child has not shown up for school. but then the problem comes in that what if the child is 16 and can drive how do you punish the parent for the child’s decision, and that he/she chose to drive somewhere other than school. But when it comes down to it we have to hold the parents accountable and we can only do that by punishing the parents somehow… what do you think?