shelby co. school children not going to school.. whos fault?

When you were younger do you remember someone coming to your house if you missed too many days of school? In Shelby Co. as of Friday, September 12, 2014, 2,500 children have not shown up to school since it started in August. Shelby Co. schools say that number is so big they cannot send a truancy officer to all 2,500 children’s homes. So how do we fix the problem and whose fault is it that the children are not in school? Well in my opinion the parents are at fault. As a parent you decide what the child does and does not do, and school is one of those decisions. I think maybe we could fine the parents somehow if there child has not shown up for school. but then the problem comes in that what if the child is 16 and can drive how do you punish the parent for the child’s decision, and that he/she chose to drive somewhere other than school. But when it comes down to it we have to hold the parents accountable and we can only do that by punishing the parents somehow… what do you think?

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  1. Let me just say that 2,500 absent childen since August is shocking. All I can think about is 2,500 childen under 18 in MEMPHIS not being challenged to lead a better life. Children that are not being sent to school in any city is a crime in my opinion, but it seems that citizens of this city don’t care about the bad reputation Memphis gets. I think we have enough people in the city with idle time and nothing productive to do, we do not need to start childen down this path too. It is completely the resposibility of the parent to ensure that their child is present for school Monday through Friday. There is absolutely no excuse to not have your child in school. If they aren’t in school, they aren’t learning along with other kids their age. What’s so important that they have to stay home? Video games? Televsion? Even if they are unable to attend classes because of medical issues, there are accomodations to encurage schooling. If the child drives themself, as a parent you obviously think the child is mature enough to show up. When they aren’t going to school, it is the parent’s job to step up and lay down the law. Perhaps take the car away. There is no excuse. I believe parents are lazy when they do not try to give their child the best chance they can to succeed and become something more than a statistic in Memphis.

  2. This is some interesting news to find out about the school system. The number of kids not going to school is in fact astonishing. However, I can not say the blame can be a hundred percent on the parents. There were a lot of local schools shut down this year due to Shelby County being the dominate school system. So what about that one child who stays miles away from school who does not have a car? What about that child who has no father and the mother works a night shift to support that child? The board got rid of these schools, so I believe the board is just as much to blame if not more.

  3. That is shocking news to find out that many children are not attending school. I believe that there for sure needs to be something done to get these children back in the school setting. Children need to be in school learning. If they can not go to every students house and figure out why they are not attending then they need to find another way to get them back into school. Being out of school is going to lead these children down the wrong path and cause even bigger problems within our city. Parents need to step up and get their children to school.

  4. I agree that it is a very big problem for our city but I do not believe it is the parents fault entirely. In some cases I am sure that there are some very lazy parents who could careless about what goes on with their children, but there are a few who might be trying but their children are just too disrespectful to them.What about those children who are just so unruly? They are most likely terrorizing their parents. And the older a child gets the more they think they know everything and it becomes harder to control them if it is not nipped in the bud early on. So while it may be technically the parent’s fault, sometimes it’s not.

  5. I think this is a HUGE problem that should be taken care of immediately. Having 2500 students not attend school at all is not only the students fault but the parents fault. I think this goes back to show how bad parenting has become in the city of Memphis. Growing up, I was taught I had to go to school Monday thru Friday unless I was sick. It was never an option for me to just skip. The parents and/or students are only hurting themselves and their futures. School is not only important to learn academics, but it is great for having positive influences in your life and building social relationships outside of the home. Some of the best advice I ever learned were from my teachers. In my opinion, the students who are not showing up at school should be getting a call to their parents from the school secretary. If this does not solve the problem the the police should be notified. If the problem is still not fixed the parents should have to suffer a fine of some sort from MPD. This is a problem that should be taken seriously and not looked over.

  6. Yes I remember them days if you miss two or more days out school. People will come to your house and see what going on with child or house hold. But you really have to blame the parents some parents be to easy with their child and to close like they best friends. Parent now give they children to much just because they didnt have it when they grew was growing up as a teenager. Some parents just dont care where they child go they just send them the house. Some parent dont punish thier children thinking it okay just to let them do what they want. But hurt them in the long run wishing they wouldv’e did it. Some parent think punishing is spanking them just take some things love so much suchas: phone,car or televison

  7. The problem could be more focus on how schools take attendance correctly or do those children that ,not show up have transportation to school, or are there other problems as to why children do not show up to school. I believe that the lack of information about the demographic of children missing school is another glaring fact that this problem is not being handle well by the school board.

  8. I would say that truancy officers are very important. I think they are very helpful to the students who have a problem with their school attendance. Truancy officers can help them to solve this problem. I need to get to complete my pending assignments. If a student is regularly missing school, a truancy officer can meet with him or her and his or her family to develop a plan to improve school attendance.

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  13. I think a video from animated video services should be made which focuses on the parents and teachers. It’s their responsibility to ensure the kids are going to school, so it’s essential to make sure that they know that if they don’t go, there will be consequences.

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  15. Although I agree that it’s a major issue in our community, I don’t think it’s completely the parents’ fault. I’m sure that there are some really negligent parents out there who could care less about what their kids are doing, but there are also others who might be trying but their kids are just too rude to them. If Youre Searching good stuff snow camo hoodie check.

  16. I think the guardians are responsible for stressing their children for studies and developing pressure. There was a lady came to the gynecologist in Karachi and she was advised to be kind with hher children by the doctor, as children are soft and they recieve stress very quickly.

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