Raising Minimum Wages

Raising minimum wages

According to the Department of Labor, The states of Georgia and Wyoming has the lowest minimum wage at around five dollars and the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee don’t have laws about minimum wage, so in other words, in these states an employer can pay you want every they want to pay you at free will. Why do these states think this is acceptable and why is there an issue about raising wages? I feel as if we should raise wage for these lower to lower middle class citizens…here’s why.

I was talking to my cousin about minimum wages and why many people need second jobs; well she is a single mother of two almost teenage girls, she is a college student, and is working a minimum wage job. Sounds normal, huh, well even with her job and state assistance, such as food stamps, etc., she still can’t afford to pay all her bills and make ends meet monthly. With this being said, must people in the United States lives just as my cousin does. Not to mention must don’t rely on state assistance and are single parents having to get second and third jobs in order get close to the same income coming in as if there were two parents in the household.

Most people feel as if, if we raise the minimum wage then jobs will not be created or that some jobs will be cut but this has been provided wrong.  Some think, if this happens that workers will not be able to get a raise. While others (mostly republicans) don’t want to do so because if they are against raising wages and it shows to be helpful to these once low paid workers, it might not go over well for them. Most feel as if it might cause prices to go up and we end up back at square one, will wrong, most likely profits from people buying more will be the case.

Here are a few reasons why we should raise the minimum wage; if people make more money they spend more money, in other word, a boost in our economy and the more we spend, the more jobs are created and so on and so forth.  If we raise the minimum wage to ten dollars or higher more people could get out of poverty and this could help more people get off of state assistance which in some ways could save us tax money or it can be used to fund schools. If you pay your workers more, they might just work harder and longer and overall be happier.  People who lived in shelters even if they hold job could then be able to rent or buy a house or apartment for themselves and their families and buy food without food stamps. If we simple raise the minimum wage to fifteen dollars or more over the next three years we could have more people could pay for their own Medicaid, housing and food without us paying taxes for it, in other words subsidizing for their low wages.

Over all it’s not just smart, it’s what’s right.  So what are we waiting for?

Source: http://www.dol.gov/whd/minwage/america.htm