Abstinence or safe sex?

I can remember being in the eighth grade and it was time for us to learn about sex. The way the school set it up was to have a guest speaker come and discuss sex; they felt it would make the students feel a little bit more comfortable if they could talk to or ask questions about sex if they were talking to a stranger. But there was a big issue apparently when the school sent home letters about this grade wide discussion because we had to take home and return parent signed permission slips saying it was ok for us to attend this big seminar. Of course the speaker talked about abstaining from sex and what would happen if you did not. We were pretty much told not to have sex if you are not married unless you want to contract AIDS or become pregnant. The speaker did not even bother to talk about safe sex, the comment “if you are thinking about having sex, this is what you should do”, was never said. That just makes me wonder how are supposed to be preparing our students for life if  they are not completely aware of all the alternatives or options.  Is it not better to explain to young adults that although it is important and probably better to wait until you are married that however if you are going to engage in sex before then this is how u should handle it? And along with teaching about sex it should not be one sided either; guys should not hold the responsibility of providing protection alone. If it takes two to engage in sex why not educate BOTH girls and guys on the many options they have when it comes to protection: condoms for both males and females, birth control (its many options), the diaphragm, fertility awareness, etc. When both sexes are educated on using some form of protection it can reduce the number of teenage parents as well as the spreading of sexual transmitted diseases. Although no one wants to talk about the spreading of STDs it is common and at a very high number among young adults. This may be because no one wants to talk about it; it is always brushed under the rug. And surprisingly studies have shown where they have asked teenage students what would or could be the worst possible outcome that could result from having unprotected sex: most students said pregnancy. WOW!!! They would be more devastated over having a baby as opposed to contracting a disease that may or may not be curable. I believe that all boils down to their lack of education; which brings me back to my topic. Would it not be more beneficial if they were educated on every and anything related to sex? I do understand that it is a very touchy subject and no one ever wants to talk about it especially in public but it has to be done so why not do it and make sure it is effective and beneficial. The reason school boards probably felt it was important to talk about sex in the first place is because of teenage pregnancy so why not cover all grounds with it. Teenage pregnancy might also be an issue but the percentage might drop if students are being educated on everything there is to know about sex.

With the knowledge you have now about sex, think about what all you did not know or understand when your school decided to have the sex talk. Do you not feel cheated? Are you not angry that they did not tell the whole truth?